The very vicious vengeful vainglorious Vikings of Prep IV…

When faced with a selection of historical artefacts, it is usually quite difficult to work out the exact purpose of said artefacts. Is it for drinking out of? For storing food items? For decoration? What will our descendants make of a Rubik’s cube, or a fidget spinner, in hundreds of years time? That was the task that faced Prep IV this afternoon as they had to try to determine the purpose of a variety of (replica) Viking everyday objects, and also work out what they were made from.

Our historical detectives proved astute in recognising drinking vessels, brooches, beard trimmers and razors, dice, board game pieces and other items by carefully handling and examining said items. When we thought of the Vikings as a fierce, scruffy, warlike people, we actually discovered they were firmly committed to family life, loved playing games and liked to make sure they looked neat and tidy!

To round off our investigation into the lives of the Vikings, what better way to celebrate than with a wedding? Alfie and Florence elegantly donned their best Viking clothes for their special day (the wedding cakes were incidental – they were actually Patrick’s birthday cake!).

An excellent afternoon of bringing history to life…

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3 Responses to The very vicious vengeful vainglorious Vikings of Prep IV…

  1. youpad says:

    looks all right sounds like the wedding was fun


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the wedding


  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a great afternoon Prep IV and I know you will of learned lots of new and interesting facts about the Vikings


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