Final Fling for Fabulous U11 Runners


On a beautiful Saturday morning at Buile Hill Park, Salford, the final round of the Salford Cross Country League season took place. It was also the last chance for our U11 children to participate in this wonderful event, that has brought so many together in recent years.

Four of our runners have been running for Bridgewater in every race over the last four years, showing an admirable sense of loyalty, commitment and determination. Thomas has had an epic X Factor type journey since his first race in Prep IV and it culminated in his best performance today, with a brilliant 11th place! His sister Evie, along with Anya and Yasmeen have also shown similar dedication over the past three seasons and can be extremely proud of this achievement. Once more the girls ran their hearts out and crossed the line for the last time with Anya (24) setting a personal best, closet followed by Yasmeen (25) and Evie (41).

Despite not collecting her ticket at the end, Darcy came home in 34th, just ahead of sisters Mia (37) and Chloe (50). A special mention must go to Alia (90), who has run in all three races this season and has found it tough going but never once gave up. The girls’ team was completed with two great runs from twins Mia and Chloe and from Prep V, Abigail, who finished in her best placing of the year.

In the U9 girls’ race, Ada added to her brilliant performance at Bolton Road, with another amazing run, finishing in 12th place. Lucy (55) and Maya (42) ensured they picked up an award for finishing all three races this season, with Maya doing so for the second year in a row! Well done also to Hannah who, despite finding it hard going in the first run last time out, returned to produce another determined run. The team was joined this time out by Ava, who despite having a morning of dance to go to, still turned up and ran very well to finish in 64th spot.

There was another first-time runner in the U9 boys’ race. Anton in Prep IV ran brilliantly to collect a certificate for a Top 20 placing as he romped home in 19th place. He then dashed off to play in a football match that kicked off 45 minutes later. Superb effort Anton! It was great to see San running for the first time too and be can be very proud of his run as he crossed the line with a smile, and he will be back next year without a doubt. Jenson ran for the third time in the series, a terrific achievement as he has run against boys at least a year older than him in each race. However, we had an even younger competitor in the race, as Andrew from Prep 1 was brave enough to run against much older boys. Having seen sister Abigail run in the last race and today, he was clearly inspired to compete. This is one of the most pleasing aspects of the Salford Cross Country League, as we have many brothers and sisters competing and it really is a great family occasion, with wonderful parental support for all the runners.

In the final race of the series, the team went into the event with real hopes of a podium finish. Following on from the amazing performance at Bolton Road, four of our runners broke into the Top 20 once more. Thomas achieved his best run with an 11th place, Tobias was close on his heels in 17th whilst Regan took 19th spot. Moaed again ran brilliantly to finish in 25th, with Seb not far behind in 31st. Kian continued his progress in the event with a 41st place, as did Harrison (48) and Chun Ka (62).

However, the performance of the day went to Luca who became the first Bridgewater runner to breach the Top 10, as he raced home in 9th place. Two years ago, Luca achieved a bronze medal in the League, but this year he topped that with an incredible silver medal based on all three runs in the series.

Furthermore, the U11 boys were rewarded for their hard work and commitment, as well as their tenacity and fitness, by claiming a silver medal in the team event. An unbelievable result for the team in such a tough competition and one that they should be extremely proud of!

On Wednesday, all our runners are invited to run for Bridgewater in the ISA Cross Country Championships at Scarisbrick Hall. We wish them well individually and collectively in the event and I am sure the Salford experiences will be more than useful to our competitors. Thank you to all the runners who have given up their Saturday mornings and to their families too for their unwavering and much appreciated support. A Salford Cross Country without an O’Neill runner will certainly be a new one for me next year! It has been brilliant to see so many turning out to run and hopefully we can continue to add to those competing next year.

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Lights, camera, action!

We’re once more looking at the activities our Prep children get up to outside of school. Recently, Prep IV’s Raj took part in Chevrolet’s new commercial for Manchester United. An incredible experience for our young Prep pupil who showed fabulous professionalism on set.

Raj said, “I enjoyed everything about filming the advert apart from the scratchy clothes! For a while I was in the waiting room with all the other actors, we spent the time making card towers and eating pastries.

When I went out to the film set, I met the director and all the crew. They filmed the scene lots of times on different cameras.

I enjoyed meeting everybody and would love to do it all again.”

You can see Raj’s role in the advertisement here

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Allegra’s Austrian Alpine Adventure 

We are constantly amazed by some of the endeavours of children from Bridgewater outside of the school environment, and we were delighted to receive the following account of Prep VI’s Allegra and her skiing racing over the Christmas holiday period (you can see a report of her previous skiing exploits here)

(photographs courtesy of Racer Ready Magazine )

Mum wrote:

“Allegra’s very first Alpine ski race was slightly emotional.  Hintereitt in Maria Alm, Saalfelden, is a favourite of World Cup ski racers from around the world.  The same week both the Austrian and the German national teams were training there.  It’s a secluded slope off the beaten track.  The course itself is injected with water every day to ensure the slope is sheet ice (racers need ice for edges but that doesn’t make it easier).

The Tee bar lift to the top of the course is so steep its almost vertical! First up was the U12 stubbie slalom, a race Allegra has done many times with the lower shin level posts to race around and knock over as you get closer and closer with your lines.  She set off out of the gates with gusto, her lines were perfect, technique was text book, and was going at some speed, but she lost it on the fifth stubby and crashed out. She was skiing so well the head coach – who by the way is one of the youth Olympic coaches – came over and asked how she was as she had started so well. Second run, the nerves were kicking in and she crashed again on the same gate, hitting the course so hard with her face she got ice burns down one side of her face!

She skied down very upset. My reply was ‘if you’re not crashing, you’re not going fast enough, but maybe she should concentrate on finishing the course first and then work on the speed’. She was now worked up – if she crashed again, she would be disqualified.

She cleared her first run in 58 seconds. Sounds fast to us and it would probably take me more than 58 seconds to get my goggles on, but Allegra was devastated as her team mates were all around 50 seconds. However, the team support and encouragement from these kids who have been doing this for years was incredible and within 10 minutes she had forgotten about her woes and was happy and smiling again.

Next up was the panelled slalom which Allegra prefers, she completed both runs successfully and each time beating her last time, which in my book should be what you aim for.  She still wasn’t happy with her timing, but Allegra is comparing herself to kids who have raced for three seasons, and this was still the first time she had ever raced on a ‘big hill’. Her teammates did well, with most getting a podium spot in each age category.

The last races of the week were the GS (Giant Slalom) races where you use much longer skis and take longer turns, getting more rhythm going with each turn, but much faster. Allegra prefers this race and with her technique she was confident.  All runs completed safely and her first run she beat kids who have already completed one race season abroad.

Despite no podium spots, this season really is all about Allegra getting used to the big races on big hills. No one is expecting any medals at this stage.  Competing with international racers, understanding competitive psychology and not getting psyched out. That utter nervousness of being in the start gate, racing on sheet ice at 70-degree angles. We spoke with her head coach and he was more than happy with her progress.  He also said, “And I can tell what you’re thinking (that you weren’t fast enough) but I know what I’m looking at and you WILL be fast. I’ve been watching your runs and your technique on your left side is perfect but needs tweaking on your right. But that isn’t something you can change overnight, it takes months and months of practise and commitment. But you will get there. I don’t just allow people to join our team, you have a great potential.”

All in all she left Austria feeling positive about the future and ready for the weeks ahead.  I have now dropped her back in Austria for her first full week living in with the team.  Bizarrely we sat and watched the Young Olympics with Charlie Raposo (British European Cup member) whilst eating lunch!”


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Reception by Reception

Our Reception children turned into budding photographers today, learning about digital cameras in their Computing lesson and using them in small groups to take photographs of each other.  We’ve a few wobbles, blurs and decapitated heads, but I’m sure you’ll agree the resulting shots here are pretty good.  Amazingly (thankfully!?), none of the children had heard the term ‘selfie’ but they certainly know how to pose!


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Girls look to continue 100% netball record

With the girls’ netball fixtures announced for the forthcoming term, we thought it only timely to remind you of their earlier success last term.

Worsley Netball League Match v Summerville – won 13-0

Tuesday 8TH October (home)

The girls were very excited for their first Netball game of the season. Eloise only recently joined Bridgewater School and was a fantastic addition to the team. The girls dominated the game against Summerville, all gaining excellent experience in Prep V5 with Mrs. Davies. Their footwork and knowledge of the rules could not be faulted. The girls’ movements were fast and agile and they passed the ball well, keeping possession. Player of the game was Eloise, she was able to score the majority of the goals and able to defend expertly, stopping the opposition when she was goal keeper and goal defence. The girls won 13- 0. Keep it up.

Worsley Netball League Match v St. Marks RC – won 14-0

Tuesday 19TH November (home)

The second game of the season. Bridgewater School are in the Worsley Netball League in division two. The girls dominated the game again. There was not a lot of mistake made, the girls listened to advice and passed the ball short distance moving quickly and efficiently around the opposition. Allegra and Eloise were very good at getting under the net in order to shoot from a short distance. Keep up the good work girls. They won 14 – 0.

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Busy New Year netball schedule


Worsley Netball League Match v Wardley

Wednesday 29th Jan


Start at 3:30 Finish for 4:15/30.

High Fives Netball – Squad of 7.


Worsley Netball League Match v St. Marks CofE & Branwood

Tuesday 4th Feb


Start at 3:30 Finish for 5:30pm

High Fives Netball – Squad of 7.


ISA U11 Netball Tournament

Wednesday 26th Feb

@ Hulme Hall School (AWAY)

7 a side Netball

Start at 10am

Finish for 3pm


Friendly Netball Match V Pownall School

Wednesday 4th March

@ Pownall – AWAY

7 a side Netball

Start at 2:30pm

Finish for 4pm


Worsley Netball League Match v Moorside & Christ the King

Wednesday 11th March


Start at 3:30 Finish for 5:30pm

High Fives Netball – Squad of 7.


Netball Practice will resume on the following dates afterschool in the sports hall; 3:45 to 4:30pm

  • Thursday 9th Jan
  • Thursday 16th Jan
  • Thursday 23rd Jan – cancelled
  • Thursday 30th Jan
  • Thursday 6th Feb
  • Thursday 13th Feb
  • Thursday 27th Feb
  • Thursday 5th March – cancelled
  • Thursday 12th March (Last one)
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Prep Magazine Winter edition 2019-2020

Please click on the link below for the latest edition of our prep Magazine, showcasing some of the work of children throughout the department.  Enjoy!

Prep magazine edition Winter 2019-2020 final


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