Prep (Virtual) Harvest Festival 2020

I hope you enjoy this virtual performance of our annual Harvest Festival.  This event will of course not have the same sense of occasion as our visit to St. Mark’s church but we are determined to maintain and enjoy normal school life as much as we can including the important traditions that are established in the Prep. Department. The children have worked hard with Mrs. Bradnam our music specialist to perform their harvest songs within their bubble groups. My thanks also go to Miss Sherlock-Platt for her work with Prep VI and to Mr. Suter for compiling this presentation.

Bridgewater Prep is continuing to support local and national charities despite the ongoing COVID restrictions. Our normal collection of food donations is not possible this year so we are therefore asking for monetary donations to the Salford Loaves and Fishes Charity who support old and needy people in the Salford area. Please text your donation to ‘HAR20VEST 3’ to 70085 to donate £3 to Salford Loaves and Fishes.

Mr M. J. Rooney

Deputy Head & Leader of Prep.


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ISA T-shirt Design Competition

Dear Parents,


There may not be so many sporting events and competitions that children around the country can participate in at the moment. However, the ISA Sports Association has come up with a project to engage children in an artistic and creative manner. This week the ISA have launched a design a T-Shirt competition for all the ISA schools around the UK. The winning design will be used to promote PE and Sport on behalf of the ISA and of course, we at Bridgewater Prep would like to join in with the event.

We would like children to design a T-Shirt (both back and front) representing the ISA values (shown below). The winning design will be presented to participants from our National events that we believe to uphold these values.  ISA Members value innovation and inspiration, building on the best traditions to promote integrity, high standards, and responsibility.

The rules of the competition are simple;

All entries must be the participants’ original works.

Designs should include the front and rear of the t-shirt.

A minimum of two colours should be used and can include wording.

Submissions can be manuscript or digital. For example, on digital drawings, use of Clip Art is allowed.

Entries must be submitted as JPEG, PNG, or PDF file only.

The closing date for entries is 20th November and you can email entries to or send in the paper copy provided by class teachers.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as always.

Mr. Altdorf

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Prep III Poppies for Remembrance

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

So goes the first verse of John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Fields.  Across northern France and Flanders (northern Belgium), the brutal clashes between Allied and Central Powers soldiers tore up fields and forests, tearing up trees and plants and wreaking havoc on the soil beneath. But in the warm early spring of 1915, bright red flowers began peeking through the battle-scarred land: Papaver rhoeas, known variously as the Flanders poppy, corn poppy, red poppy and corn rose.  Struck by the sight of bright red blooms on broken ground, McCrae wrote a poem, “In Flanders Field,” in which he channelled the voice of the fallen soldiers buried under those hardy poppies.

As part of our Remembrance activities this week, Prep III made their own poppies to help us remember the sacrifice of so many men and women who have given their lives fighting for their country.

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Bridgewater Back On The Beaten Track!

At this time of year, we would normally head for the Fylde coast and to Rossall School to compete in the AJIS Northern Cross Country Championships. However, due to current government guidelines all participating schools were instead invited to run a mile around the grounds of their respective schools. Results would then be collated and analysed to rank runners in order based on the times achieved. With the top five runners counting in them individual and team event, we would need a huge effort from all of Prep III-VI.

Prep VI were up first on Wednesday and they really led by example with every runner, incredibly, improving on their time from the recent Salford event. The front runners were again Alfie, Luca and Seb, with the latter leading for most of the race before Alfie beat Luca in an exciting sprint finish. With the times of fourth and fifth counting, it was brilliant to see Toby, Harrison and Joshua not too far behind and the U11 boys will have a great chance of moving up the leader board once all schools declare their results next week.

In the U11 girls’ race, Molly and Esme once again led the way and step by step they kept up a terrific pace. Molly pipped Esme to the post to take the individual honours, but it was the results from the supporting cast that were especially pleasing. Miranda finished in third place and improved her time by 37 seconds. However, it was the runners in fourth and fifth that will boost the team’s chances overall. Jasmine improved on her previous best by 1 minute and 23 seconds, whilst Abigail beat her time by 1 minute and 26 seconds! All in all, Prep VI can be extremely proud of their commitment, tenacity, and their levels of endurance.

The Prep V race was another closely fought event, with Alex once more out pacing Anton to take the top spot. Frankie improved by almost a full minute to beat Sam into third, with Blake coming home in fifth position. A special mention must go to Raj, who reduced his time by an amazing 1 minute and 52 seconds!

The U10 girls were under a little pressure as, with only five runners in the race, every runner and every second would count. Maya won the race comfortably from Lucy and Ava in similar times to the previous race in October. However, thanks to the perseverance of Hannah and Elissa in completing the course, we will be able to earn points to qualify for the team event too.

The following day, Prep III and IV took to the playing fields and surrounding areas of the school grounds. It is important to remember that we are very fortunate at Bridgewater to be able to run a course of a mile long and can enter such competitions. Many schools will not be able to participate in the cross-country this year as they do not have the area to run the distance or to do so safely. The boys’ race was won by San, followed by Lucas, Leo, Isaac, and Frankie in the points. All 13 runners completed the run, with Frankie putting in a star performance, improving his time by 48 seconds.  The girls’ race was won again by Amelia, with Darcie, Lottie, Layla, and Ellie all in the important top five placings. Ellie improved her time by exactly 60 seconds, Angel did so too by 57 seconds, whilst Layla lowered her time by 1 minute 13 seconds!

Last but definitely not least, Prep III set off on their race. In the girls’ event, Maia kept pace with the boys to finish in joint first place overall, as well as winning the girls’ race. Isabella and Emily took the podium places, with Isabella and Ruby making up the additional scoring spots. Ying-Wun improved her time by the most and Ella, Lucy, and Layla also all improved on their previous race times. Finally, the boys’ race was as exciting as expected. As many as six runners were in contention to win this intensely fierce competition. In the end, Oscar took the honours, closely followed over the line by Henry, Jensen, Oliver, and Jacob. Daniel improved his time by 46 seconds in a determined run, Mason reduced his time by 22 seconds, whilst Patrick can be delighted with his 1 minute 27 second reduction in his personal best!


Well done to all 70 runners who took part in the event this week and it was especially nice to see so many improving on their times from the Salford Virtual Cross Country competition in October. Of the 28 girls running for the AJIS event, 43% improved on their times, whilst 50% of the boys reduced their times over the two races. We have one more race to run on Wednesday 25th November and Thursday 26th November. This race will be for the honour of becoming the House Champions in Cross Country for 2020. Going into the race the Yellow House are marginally ahead of the Green House. However, with the Blue House having won 3 out of the 8 races, it is still very much all to play for!


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Children in Need Ramble

The whole of the Prep department went on a socially distanced ramble today in aid of Children in Need.  It was a perfect, dry – if chilly – day, and not even the mud underfoot could spoil everyone’s enthusiasm and enjoyment.


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Raging Rivers

To introduce our new geography topic, the children in Prep V have made some excellent river models during the half term break. The models show the different features of a river and include lots of imaginative and artistic touches, including wildlife, an angler and even the Amazon rainforest! The children showed tremendous ingenuity in their choice of materials, which included Lego, a hot glue gun to create a waterfall, foil, egg boxes, tissue paper and pompoms. The models will be an invaluable learning resource as we dive into our topic…
Many thanks to all the family members who helped the children with this fantastic work. As ever, your support is much appreciated.
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Remembrance Poems by Prep IV

Remembrance Day- one of the saddest days of the year,

Eager soldiers were ready to go,

Mothers keeping the towns alive whilst the boys were gone,

Everyone wanted to come out alive,

Men wounded all over,

Bombing was all around,

Everyone was relieved when it was all over,

Red poppies were the first living things to bloom after.



Remember all the soldiers fighting for our lives,

Every soldier fought for their home team,

Mothers felt destroyed,

Every man did it for Britain,

Memories of them as Mothers looked down in shame,

Bombs fell as friends died,

Eventually it was over,

Remember all the soldiers, they fought for our freedom.



Remembrance Day is here,

Everywhere bombs were falling,

Millions of souls were lost,

Everyone should wear a poppy,

Mothers waiting for their children,

Broken bones and arms lost,

Eager mums waited for a letter,

Remember the fallen soldiers.



Remembrance Day is here again,

Every soldier risked their life for us,

Mothers weep whilst sons and husbands are fighting,

Eager mums ran to see if they had letter,

Mothers waiting for their children and husbands,

Broken bones in the war,

Everyone should wear a poppy,

Remember remember the 11th November.



Remember the brave lives in the war,

Eager people keen to get victory,

Messages almost as dirty as the wasteland,

Every soldier did what was best for the country,

Mothers wondering if their child was safe,

Barbed wire grabbing clothes making an easy target,

Every soldier will be remembered,

Remembrance Day is back!


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Children in Need Ramble

Just a reminder that this Friday, Prep children will once again be participating in a #countryfileramble through Worsley Woods, in support of BBC Children in Need.  Please could parents remember to send all Prep children into school on Friday (13th) in full PE kit ready for their class ramble.  Pudsey themed clothing and accessories optional (but very welcome)!

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Lest We Forget

Children throughout Early Years have been learning about the importance and significance of the poppy, and have helped to create this beautiful, poignant display at the front of school.

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The Beast by Prep V

In Prep Five we have been learning about personification. Inspired by the 5th November and “Bonfire”, a poem by Jean Kenward, we have written our own poems which personify a fire. We have used adjectives, similes and alliteration to describe fire as a living creature. We hope you enjoy our imaginative creative writing!


The Beast

Its birth is a little mysterious spark in the ground,

Its vicious voice is roaring like wrapping paper fiercely torn off.

Its eyes glow as it reaches up above the green ground,

Its tongues are sharp as shark’s teeth as it hunts its prey down.

Its appetite is as huge as a gorilla’s and as hungry as a huge hippo.

Its mood is so angry it will tear you apart in seconds or maybe in milliseconds!

It moves like a fierce yellow spirit dancing in the night.

It runs out of food, and I can see it dying down and disappearing into the dark gloomy night into ashes.



The Beast

Its birth is like a little baby slowly reaching up to the shimmering stars,

Its favourite food is old furniture with some paper and wood,

It’s like a dragon with its smoky breath.

It sounds like a lion roaring at its prey,

The beast is growing higher and higher, stronger and more vicious,

Its hair rising to touch the sky and turning blood red.

It rests on ashes, sounding like popcorn being cooked,

Its eyes stare up at the moon and slowly go to sleep.




The Beast

Its birth is when a small match is lit,

It starts as a small, helpless hungry creature,

It eats wood, card and paper.

It has golden fur, smoky breath and has an infinite appetite.

The monster makes a roaring sound like a crack and a grind,

It has multiple red tongues and orange spikes that are as bright as the scorching sun,

Its crimson eyes are blood red and shiny like a red ruby.

Its bright wings are giant and moving, but it never flies.

It moves as quickly as a gecko and has gold and white teeth.

It devours anything it is near and can be as big as a house,

Its silver jaws are as deadly as a vicious snake’s fangs,

Its death is when it has no more food and slowly turns into a pile of grey ashes.



The Wild Beast

The birth is short, the birth is rough scrape across the matchbox.

Its loud roaring voice crackles in the deep dark night sky like a ferocious lion,

Its favourite food is wood and old cardboard.

It rises up to the cold infinite void of space and pollutes all the air in its path,

It breathes free and ferociously in the numb black night sky full of white crystal-clear stars.

Some people say when it dies down, the eyes look at you like a cave full of bloodthirsty bats.

It is always in a terrible mood, like an enraged demon.

Gradually it all dies down in a matter of seconds and lies down in its own dull bed of tired ashes.



The Beast

Its birth is born by the match

It is like a gigantic red shiny eye gazing through the dark shadowy smoke.

It has got three massive long tongues like a big slimy snake slivering and prancing through the dark.

It’s like a proud red and yellow lion roaring through the dark gloomy night.

It’s like popping candy in your mouth fizzing and bursting.

It’s got smoky breath like a dragon and its colour is all of the Autumn colours.

Its mood is like a lion, it tries to pounce on you when you are near

It moves like a snake slithering across the ground.

It dies down slowly there is still some light then it dies, just the ground holding the pile of ashes.


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