Performance Poetry

The recent National Poetry Day inspired a performance poetry challenge throughout the Prep department.  We hope you enjoy this selection of some of these performances.

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Where I’m From by Prep V

In Prep V we have been reading “Street Child” by Berlie Doherty, and thinking about homes and homelessness. For National Poetry Day, we read George Ella Lyons’s poem “Where I’m From”, then wrote our own versions. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Where I’m From

I am from the loud house, the busy house, which smells of Diet Coke

From the burning vanilla candles in the kitchen, and the original Fairy Liquid next to the sink.

I am from the magical marigolds in the garden, to the roses that shine in the moonlight.

From the family which always goes on holiday every year.

I am from my Mum and Dad who always play with me.

From the memory of nearly getting run over by a car.

From “Do your work!” and “Go to sleep!”

I am from the Muslim religion, and go to the mosque on Eid day.

I am from the Sunday roast and Banny’s on a Friday

And from the pictures of when I was born, which I sneaked away in my drawer.



Where I’m From

I am from the crazy house, which is always packed with family and bursting with good energy, music and laughter,

From cherry scented candles and Tesco apple juice

I am from the lemon and cherry trees, whose fruit I pick and devour in days

I am from a family which is always together, and every birthday we throw epic parties and have sentimental presents.

I am from Tanaka and Trevor, my siblings who have brought joy into my life,

From the memory of my brother who broke his arm, leg and foot on the same day.

From “Sit up or lay down!” and “Mothers know best!”

I am from plantain chips and African Fanta.

I am from the Zimbabwen and Nigerian part of the Basikolo and Adedeji family tree.



Where I’m From

I am from the tall glass apartment which smells like Fabreze air freshener and my dog’s food.

From buttery toast and cherry blossom Yankee candles.

I am from the squeak of the trains and the vrooming of the cars

I am from the family who decorates the Christmas tree with cinnamon sticks,

From Lee and Carol.

From the memory of trapping my hand in the car door and waving goodbye to my football that flew out of the window.

From “Practice makes perfect!” and “Be good!”

I am from the family that goes to church at Christmas,

From the Sunday roasts and the dripping gravy.

I am from the pink polka dot baby box that sits on top of my wardrobe.



Where I’m From

I am from the small house, which is like a cosy house that always feels friendly,

From Whiskas cat food and shimmering fizzy Coca Cola.

I am from the tall leafy tree that grows up to the sky, which sways every night in the cool breeze.

From the family which always watches scary movies every Friday night, snuggled up in fluffy blankets.

I am from a caring Mum, who means a lot, and my uncle who always puts a smile on my face when I’m feeling down.

From the memory of sleeping on the tall couch and ending up in hospital with a broken arm at the age of two,

From “Get your homework done!” and “Feed the cats!”

I am from the turkey which sits on the long, narrow table and the sweet taste of apple juice.

And I am from the baby photos that are all safe and snug in the thick, black album.



Where I’m From

I am from the long, white bungalow, which has thirteen rooms and dogs everywhere!

From Lynx body wash and Windex smell,

I am from a curled tulip, cosy and sleepy.

I am from the family who go out for a Nando’s or Red Sea on Christmas Eve.

I am from Sarah, and my brother’s fights.

From the memory of falling off the monkey bars and breaking my arm at Blackpool Zoo.

From “Do your homework, right this second!” and, “It could be done by now!”

I am from cheesy beans and fresh orange.

I am from the baby photos that make me laugh and go, “Awwww!”






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Abstract Noun Poems by Prep IV

The recent National Poetry Day inspired a range of poetic activities throughout the department.  Here are a few poems written by Prep IV.

What are lies?

If it were a colour, they would be as brown as mud in the ground.

If you could taste them, they would be as bitter and sour, poison and grass.

If you could see them, they would look like old fruit.

They would smell like milk which has gone off.

They make me feel sad and angry as if I am a balloon about to pop.

Their size can be very big like the Eiffel Tower.

If then was a creature, it would be a big scary monster!

Without them, the world would be a lot better.



What is imagination?

If it were a colour, it would bae as violet as witches brew.

If you could taste it, it would be like sweet and sour.

If you could see it, it would look like mixed emotions turning into a huge monster.

It would smell like a rainbow which is sweet and lovely.

It makes me feel happy and sad, as if I want to cry and laugh.

Its size is as big as the sky.

If it was a creature it would be a lion and a tortoise.

Without it, the world would be full of sadness and despair.



What Are Lies?

Lies are…

If they were a colour, it would be as red as a volcano with red lava.

If you could taste them, they would be like anger, mean and discerning

If you could see them, they would look like a red poppy.

They would smell like red sauce which is hot and spicy.

They make me feel naughty, as if I did something wrong.

Their size is gigantic, as big as a new volcano.

If they were a creature, it would be as vicious as a tiger.

Without them the world would be happy.



What is anger?

Anger is…..

If it were a colour, it would be as blood red as a tomato that is ripe.

If you could taste it, it would be like fire rock, coal and lemon.

If you could see it, it would look like a fire monster.

It would smell like ash which is very fresh.

It makes me feel annoyed, as if I was a lion who was furious.

Its size is of a house.

If it was a creature, it would be a lion

Without it, the world would be a better place.





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Prep I House Inspectors

Our local walk today took Prep I to look at the different houses close to school. This was part of our topic on Houses and Homes. The children were able to identify detached and semi-detached houses, bungalows, cottages and terraced houses. A great way to consolidate our topic work.

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A Mixed Batch in Prep V

Prep V have been mixing different materials with water to see what happens. Some of the materials made solutions, like salt and sugar, because the material dissolved. Some of the materials made mixtures, like flour, because the material did not dissolve.

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Prep I’s Umbrella for Ted

On Wednesday, Prep I participated in a science experiment. We had to help Ted find a suitable material to make Ted a new umbrella, as he kept getting wet. We tested out plastic, greaseproof paper, cling film and paper towels. We recorded our results and decided that plastic was the most suitable material because it was waterproof and strong. Some of the other materials were waterproof, but not very strong.

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Virtually Nothing Between Cross Country Runners!

It has been such a long time since we last took to the playing fields of competitive sport. Therefore, it was a pleasure to see all our Bridgewater Prep III-VI children in action this week, competing in an internal cross country event around the grounds of the school. However, this was no ordinary event, as the results from the top four runners in each age group would go forward to represent Bridgewater in the Salford Virtual Cross Country League for 2020.

With intra-school competition not yet on the horizon, credit must go to the organizers of the Salford Cross Country League for deciding to run a virtual event across the borough. Participating schools have been asked to design a course of exactly one mile in distance around their school and results will be compared and analysed to find out individual and team winners of the competition for this year.

Prep VI took to the course first on Wednesday and immediately showed an enthusiasm and commitment that was a delight to see. The girls’ race was won by a matter of inches in the end, as Molly pipped Esme to the post in a fantastic race. Miranda was cheered home across the line in third place, with Abigail and Jasmine not far behind.

If the girls’ race was close then the boys’ race was even closer! Sebastian sprinted into an early lead, but after 400 metres was overhauled by his brother Luca and Alfie. This was the formation for the remainder of the race, with Alfie and Luca swapping the lead at regular intervals. The race took a decisive twist as Luca took a wrong turning that Alfie seized upon and stormed ahead with 300 metres to go. The boys sprinted home like Usain Bolt in a time of just over 7 minutes with absolutely nothing between them. Sebastian chased the boys down to finish third, whilst a delighted Toby came in next, ahead of chasing pack that included Luca, Harrison and Dexter.

The Prep V races where not quite as dramatic at the finish line, but they were no less entertaining overall. Maya put her Salford Cross Country experiences to good use as she won the girls race quite comfortably. Lucy and Ava put up a good challenge to finish in second and third. Meanwhile the boys’ event was a two horse race from start to finish. Alex and Anton left the rest of the field trailing early on and maintained the distance between the other runners throughout the race. Alex held Anton off to take victory in a fabulous sprint finish to complete the course in 7 minutes 50 seconds. Sam came home in a deserved third, with Frankie in fourth and Blake just behind in fifth.

The weather remained kind on Thursday as the Prep III and IV races took place around the same one mile course. San dominated from start to finish in the Prep IV race and completed the course almost a minute ahead of Leo and Lucas in second and third respectively. A special mention should also go to Oliver who finished the course when others couldn’t and he did so with a smile on his face and completely clean trainers! The Prep IV girls’ race was a bit more competitive, although Amelia cantered to victory in the end. Darcie and Lottie battled it out for the remaining podium spots and then volunteered to help marshal the final race of the day.

Prep III were the last to run and it was worth the wait, providing the closest finish of all the races. Despite a wrong turn that cost the front runners valuable time, Oscar, Jacob, Jensen, Henry and Maia all crossed the line less than two metres apart. Maia won the girls race but also finished in third place overall and almost beat all of the boys in the sprint finish. Oscar outpaced Jacob, Henry and Jensen to win the boys’ race. Ruby and Isabelle finished in second and third place in the girls’ race, fractions of a second ahead of Emily and Isabella.

It is definitely nice to see Bridgewater Prep back competing again after such a long time. We will be hosting another Bridgewater Virtual Cross Country event after half term to coincide with the AJIS Cross Country Championships in November. Well done to everyone who took part this week and keep up the good work in PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

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Mary Seacole Portraits by Prep III

As part of Black History Month, Prep III have been studying the life of Mary Seacole.  For those who don’t know, Mary was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805. Her father was a Scottish soldier and Mary’s mother specialised in Jamaican medicine so she grew up watching her mother caring for the sick in a boarding house where she cared for invalid soldiers and their wives.  In September 1854, Mary heard about the Crimean War and she was struck with the thought of looking after the troops she had known in Jamaica. She travelled to the Crimea and set up her own business, the British Hotel, which was a general store and also a place where soldiers could come to be nursed. She also rode out to the battlefield to nurse soldiers and would perform operations. She was affectionately known by the troops as Mother Seacole, because of the care she gave them. After returning to London after the war Mary wrote her autobiography The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands, which was published in 1857 and is still in print today. She continued to practice as a ‘doctress’ in London and when visiting Jamaica. She died in 1881 and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Kensal Rise.

To celebrate Mary Seacole, Prep III completed portraits of her.


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Bridgewater Prep Sports Captains

We would like to offer all Prep III-VI children the opportunity to assist with the smooth running of the PE Department at Bridgewater Prep by becoming a Sports Captain. With the health of the nation never being so important, we feel it is an ideal time to promote how sport and recreation can provide so many worthwhile and unique opportunities in our daily life. The role will offer the chance to demonstrate leadership, responsibility and organisational skills for one boy and one girl in each of the Key Stage 2 classes. If you would like to be considered for the role of Sports Captain you must:

  • Complete an application form to briefly describe why you would be suitable for the role and represent your class in the right manner
  • Consistently demonstrate core values of playing with respect, consideration, enjoyment and fair play within PE lessons, sports clubs and in class.

The closing date for all applications will be Thursday 22nd October 2020 – the announcements for new Sports Captains will be made after half term.

If you are in Prep III, IV, V or VI and want to be considered for the role for your class, then see Mr. Altdorf for an application form. It will only take you 10 minutes at the most to complete and there are no other presentations to be made. The main responsibilities for the role are:

  • Be a positive role model during playtimes and lessons by promoting a good all round sporting attitude.
  • Encourage pupils to participate positively in lessons and extra-curricular clubs.
  • Assist in running of intra-school tournaments (officiating, assisting with the setting up of equipment team leading, etc.)
  • Assist in the running of Sports Days.
  • Assist with lunch time sports clubs and after school clubs.
  • Various other sports related jobs throughout the year.

If you would like further information then please contact Mr. Altdorf at

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

After discussing Autumn and how our environment changes during this season, Reception Class donned their wellingtons and ventured into the woods.  The children were able to find lots of leaves on the ground; looking closely at the colours red, brown, orange and yellow.  As well as crunching through the fallen leaves, the children also found conkers and acorns.  After exploring, Reception Class couldn’t resist trying out the new play area and had a fantastic time!

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