Flopsy finds a home!

Congratulations to Prep I’s Isabelle, who became the proud custodian of Flopsy, the charity raffle prize recently offered by 6th Form students. Flopsy’s identity was revealed only during Friday’s assembly, during which Isabelle received an equally excited Flopsy as her prize. We wish the pair many happy years and carrots together…

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Soggy Soccer Success!

Our Prep I footballers were outstanding in the Cheadle Hulme Football Festival today. The boys played some great football, winning three matches, drawing two and losing only one match by one goal. 

In very tough wet and cold conditions the boys showed resilience and a determination to win. 

A special mention to Albie who was top goal scorer and voted player of the tournament.

Well done boys!

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Red Nose Day chuckles

Q: What is corn’s favorite music?

A: Pop.

Q: Why did the fastest cat in class get kicked out of school?

A: He was a cheetah.

Q: Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?

A: He just needed a little space.

There was great merriment on Red Nose Day as children throughout all classes got the chance to hear jokes great and corny for their chance to represent their class in the Great Assembly Joke Off. After many chuckles, grimaces, laughs and merriment, our final comedians performed their jokes in front of the whole school. We hope you enjoy them too.

Many thanks to those who contributed to the merriment – the most important part of the day was that we raised £92.10 for Comic Relief.

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“Veni, vidi, vici…” – well, Prep III did at least!

Our wannabee Roman soldiers were sent to one of the furthermost outreaches of the Roman Empire on Monday in our rearranged, snow affected trip. Luckily there was no snow this time, but it was still easy to imagine how miserable it would be in times past, standing watch on the fortress walls of Deva Victrix (Chester), watching out for Celtic insurgents.  Luckily for Prep III, we spent the entire journey in warm comfortable buses – not marching, like the Roman soldiers would have had to do – and then, once we arrived at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester, we were in a nice warm exhibition room.  All modern day creature comforts for us!

Upon arrival we met Marcus, our centurion, who was to drill us to becoming Roman soldiers.  We donned our armour and shields, swore our allegiance to the gods, and marched through Chester – Sin! Sin! Sin! Dex! Sin! – to the amphitheatre where we were put through our paces learning how to be Roman soldiers.  Thanks to our training, we were able to defeat the Celtic hordes.  We learned who would have been fighting at the amphitheatre and how, at the end of a fight, we could show mercy or not.  Fortunately for Poppy, there were more cries of Mitte! (Let him go!) than there were of Iugula! (Kill him!).

After our lunch (we sat, we did not recline like the Romans would have) we were given a brief history of the Romans in Chester, learning why they had come there and why the Roman fortress was built where it was.  We then had the chance to experience a Roman kitchen, help to rebuild the central heating system of a Roman baths – who knew the Romans had central heating! – and undertake an archaeological dig to search for Roman artefacts.  We also saw all the equipment a Roman soldier would have to wear – Victor got to wear it all just to see how heavy it would all have been!

Inside the museum, we saw the tombstone of another Marcus, a Roman soldier from Spain who came to Chester and married a local woman, before unfortunately becoming sick and suffering an early death.  We learned all about him from the inscriptions on his tombstone.  We then used our museum worksheets to explore the rest of the Roman collection.

We had a fantastic insight into the lives of Romans in Chester – it was certainly worth waiting for!

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Fours turn out at football festival

Prep IV (plus Prep III’s Joey) participated in the Cheadle Hulme U9 Football Festival today. With seven games to test their mettle and resolve as a team, it was perhaps fitting that they saved their best performances for the latter stages of the day as they slowly came together as a team. While they may not have challenged the top end of the final results table, what did show was the determination of the boys to give their all in every match.

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Top Tips for Adopting Safe and Healthy Online Habits

Every year, Comic Relief goes all out to help people, both in the UK and internationally, who are going through a tough time. In our area of specialism, we at National Online Safety are acutely aware that – for children and young people in particular – many of those difficult moments increasingly originate from and unfold in the digital world.

From inappropriate content to the toxic behaviour of others, online harms can do long-lasting damage. That’s why we’re passionate about helping this new generation to build their digital resilience – equipping them to deal with digital dangers. This week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide has a selection of tips for encouraging safe and healthy online habits. 

In this guide we’ve compiled a list of useful suggestions which could help you and your family strike the right balance and build digital resilience. (Source: NationalCollege.com)

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Sports Captains take the helm…

Our Prep Sports Captains have recently been working closely with Mrs. Tunney, observing and then delivering PE lessons with some of our younger children. This week, Arthur, Lucas, Oliver, Oscar, Florence and Izabella took control of Reception and Prep I classes to deliver their class activities. They have proved to be great role models, and cannot wait to be given the opportunity to plan and teach another lesson soon.

Well done Sports Captains.

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Down the rabbit hole with dance and drama…

As part of our continuing celebration of World Book Day, the ‘West End in Schools’ drama company visited school with their ‘Bringing Books to Life’ workshop. Through the media of dance and drama, the children explored Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. Siobhan led the children through a variety of experiences bringing this timeless book to life – and we’re sure you’ll see from the pictures the children were fully absorbed in and enjoyed their activities!

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When not in Rome…

Prep III made up for the disappointment of having their Chester trip postponed, by partaking in some Roman activities. We designed and made some Roman mosaic tiles and dressed in togas and soldier armour.

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What Parents and Carers Need to Know about iPads

When Apple unveiled the iPad in early 2010, they almost single-handedly rewrote people’s idea of what of a portable computing device was capable of – and sparked a tablet revolution. There are several very respectable imitators on the market now, but the iPad remains the standard bearer for tablet computers and still routinely shifts upwards of 40 million units every year.

Their immense popularity, of course, has made the iPad a familiar companion for children and young people: an auxiliary TV; an aid for schoolwork; and a blessing on long car journeys. That said, there are still some aspects of Apple’s flagship tablet that parents and carers should bear in mind to help protect their child from online risks – as our #WakeUpWednesday guide explains.

This guide highlights possible hazards including the risk of age-inappropriate content, physical damage to the device and potential screen addiction. (source: https://nationalcollege.com/)

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