What Parents Need to Know About Age-Inappropriate Content

“Inappropriate” means different things to different people. What’s acceptable for one age group, for example, may be unsuitable for a slightly younger audience. Online, young people can chance upon inappropriate content in various way – from pop-up ads to TikTok videos. The increasingly young age at which children become active in the digital world heightens the risk of them innocently running into something that they find upsetting or frightening. Trusted adults need to be able to help children be aware of what to do if they’re exposed to age-inappropriate content.

In the guide, you’ll find tips on a number of potential risks such as social media, gaming and adverts.

(Source: National Online Safety)

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Bridgewater girls brush off netball match cobwebs

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Tuesday evening finally saw our Prep girls get back into action on the netball court, with a round of matches against Withington Girls School. An impressive twenty six girls, mixed from Prep III to Prep VI, represented the school. Whilst the results did not go in our favour – Withington proved exceptionally strong opponents – the girls never gave up and had a great positive attitude throughout. Special mention must go to sisters Amelia and Maia, who were respectively chosen as players of the matches by the opposition coach. Well done girls (and Mrs. Tunney promises to get her camera out next time!).

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Bridgewater Science Quiz Team Have the Right Chemistry

Four members of Prep V and VI competed successfully in class quizzes to be selected for the ‘Quiz Club’ Inter-School Quiz Championship 21/22. 

There were 82 schools competing in the on line heat this morning with teams from all over the U.K. The questions covered all areas of the science curriculum and had points ranging from 20 to 100 depending on their difficulty. 

The team started very well with some excellent answers coming in the top 20 schools after the first round. The team collaborated brilliantly and targeted the answers with high scores with extra concentration. The team moved up to 7th with 2 rounds to go. It was very exciting! 

The final round had five questions all worth 100 points. After much deliberation against the clock, answers were loaded and fingers were crossed.  There was good and bad news at the end. The team came 22nd overall which was slightly disappointing after hoping for victory but the boys were jumping for joy when they realised that they had reached the final next term. 

Well done to Raj, David, Oliver and Kian for their performance and good luck next time! 

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Students shine at Salford Schools’ cross country

The last two Saturday mornings have seen several intrepid children from Prep III to Prep VI represent the school at the Salford Schools’ cross country series. Lots of our children have extra curricular commitments on Saturday mornings, but it is fantastic to see those that are able to make time to turn out to run for the school. Congratulations to all of those who have participated; special congratulations to Prep III’s Maia, who came 3rd and then 2nd in the two races she has run, and to Isabelle, who came 16th and then improved to 13th! Prep VI’s Ada managed a 16th place on Saturday in the year 5 and 6 girls’ race, so well done to her.

The next races in the series are at Buile Hill Park on the 11th December 2021 and then the 22nd January 2022.

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Prep IV footballers continue winning streak

Prep IV boys continued their run of good sporting victories with a 9 – 4 victory against Greenbank School. Once again, the boys worked well as a team, exhibiting some great passing and strong defending – in particular, Keane, Mason and Sam all worked well together in attacking play, with Jacob, Jenson and Oscar solid in defence. Mason, who scored 4 goals, was voted player of the match. Particularly pleasing was the player rotation that all the boys willingly undertook to ensure that everyone got some good game time. Great team work, and a great performance to boot. Well done boys!

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A river runs through it – when Prep V create their own!

Prep V has been busy with in the sand and water today, learning how rivers shape the land. Firstly, we watched clips of the River Severn in its middle course, and saw how it formed meanders as the land became flatter. Looking closely at the banks, we saw how one side is worn away, or eroded, while on the opposite bank, the river deposits its load of sand, mud and stones.

Then it was our turn! We filled trays with wet sand, and used pipettes to squirt water to form miniature rivers, tilting the tray so that gravity enabled the water to flow. Gradually, the water eroded the banks, making river cliffs. We also saw how the water transported the sand and deposited it at the river mouth. It was a delightfully messy business, and shows that playing with sand and water can be educational at any age!

 Finally, we sketched our rivers and used geographical vocabulary to label them. Many thanks to our geography coordinator Mr. Grant, who provided the materials, expertise and enthusiasm to make this such a lively learning experience.

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Prep III shine at Manchester City tournament

Prep III had a great opportunity to experience playing football on the pitches that Manchester City premier football players train on when they attended their training facilities for a recent tournament.  We came up against some tough competition and battled through each match with a great level of determination and a positive ‘can do’ attitude. 

Olly did some great passes, Andrew was solid in defence, Reuben and Christian performed well in every match.  All the class were enthusiastic in their approach and attitude. Mrs. Tunney’s player of the tournament went to Annie who did some great tackles, gave 100% in every game she played and never gave up.  Florence was our number one cheerleader, smiling all morning and making us all laugh.

Well done Prep III, you did yourself and your school very proud and it was a pleasure to take you out of school. A big thank you also to our No.1 parent supporter, Olly’s mum, who came along with us and helped to support and encourage the team. 

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Thank you from our gardeners!

On behalf of our Junior Gardening Club, we would like to say a BIG thank you to all our parents and friends who have very kindly been collecting It’s Good to Grow tokens. Our head gardener, Prep V’s Oliver, had great fun reviewing the catalogue to see what we could obtain for our garden. The order has now been placed, and we’re told that our new products should be dispatched from January.

Many thanks to all who collected for us!

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It was also Odd Socks Day…

Wearing odd socks is a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week! This helps send an important message that we should all be allowed to be ourselves free from bullying and helps us celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in a fun and positive way. Thanks to Prep IV (and Samuel and Frankie!) for demonstrating their odd socks!

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Let’s Get Ready to Ramble…

If you go down to the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the woods today
You better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain because
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

Actually, it wasn’t picnics our Pudsey bears were having today, it was our Children in Need Ramble – every class going out at some stage to enjoy the fresh air and mud in Worsley Woods.

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