Remembrance Poems by Prep IV

Remembrance Day- one of the saddest days of the year,

Eager soldiers were ready to go,

Mothers keeping the towns alive whilst the boys were gone,

Everyone wanted to come out alive,

Men wounded all over,

Bombing was all around,

Everyone was relieved when it was all over,

Red poppies were the first living things to bloom after.



Remember all the soldiers fighting for our lives,

Every soldier fought for their home team,

Mothers felt destroyed,

Every man did it for Britain,

Memories of them as Mothers looked down in shame,

Bombs fell as friends died,

Eventually it was over,

Remember all the soldiers, they fought for our freedom.



Remembrance Day is here,

Everywhere bombs were falling,

Millions of souls were lost,

Everyone should wear a poppy,

Mothers waiting for their children,

Broken bones and arms lost,

Eager mums waited for a letter,

Remember the fallen soldiers.



Remembrance Day is here again,

Every soldier risked their life for us,

Mothers weep whilst sons and husbands are fighting,

Eager mums ran to see if they had letter,

Mothers waiting for their children and husbands,

Broken bones in the war,

Everyone should wear a poppy,

Remember remember the 11th November.



Remember the brave lives in the war,

Eager people keen to get victory,

Messages almost as dirty as the wasteland,

Every soldier did what was best for the country,

Mothers wondering if their child was safe,

Barbed wire grabbing clothes making an easy target,

Every soldier will be remembered,

Remembrance Day is back!


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Children in Need Ramble

Just a reminder that this Friday, Prep children will once again be participating in a #countryfileramble through Worsley Woods, in support of BBC Children in Need.  Please could parents remember to send all Prep children into school on Friday (13th) in full PE kit ready for their class ramble.  Pudsey themed clothing and accessories optional (but very welcome)!

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Lest We Forget

Children throughout Early Years have been learning about the importance and significance of the poppy, and have helped to create this beautiful, poignant display at the front of school.

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The Beast by Prep V

In Prep Five we have been learning about personification. Inspired by the 5th November and “Bonfire”, a poem by Jean Kenward, we have written our own poems which personify a fire. We have used adjectives, similes and alliteration to describe fire as a living creature. We hope you enjoy our imaginative creative writing!


The Beast

Its birth is a little mysterious spark in the ground,

Its vicious voice is roaring like wrapping paper fiercely torn off.

Its eyes glow as it reaches up above the green ground,

Its tongues are sharp as shark’s teeth as it hunts its prey down.

Its appetite is as huge as a gorilla’s and as hungry as a huge hippo.

Its mood is so angry it will tear you apart in seconds or maybe in milliseconds!

It moves like a fierce yellow spirit dancing in the night.

It runs out of food, and I can see it dying down and disappearing into the dark gloomy night into ashes.



The Beast

Its birth is like a little baby slowly reaching up to the shimmering stars,

Its favourite food is old furniture with some paper and wood,

It’s like a dragon with its smoky breath.

It sounds like a lion roaring at its prey,

The beast is growing higher and higher, stronger and more vicious,

Its hair rising to touch the sky and turning blood red.

It rests on ashes, sounding like popcorn being cooked,

Its eyes stare up at the moon and slowly go to sleep.




The Beast

Its birth is when a small match is lit,

It starts as a small, helpless hungry creature,

It eats wood, card and paper.

It has golden fur, smoky breath and has an infinite appetite.

The monster makes a roaring sound like a crack and a grind,

It has multiple red tongues and orange spikes that are as bright as the scorching sun,

Its crimson eyes are blood red and shiny like a red ruby.

Its bright wings are giant and moving, but it never flies.

It moves as quickly as a gecko and has gold and white teeth.

It devours anything it is near and can be as big as a house,

Its silver jaws are as deadly as a vicious snake’s fangs,

Its death is when it has no more food and slowly turns into a pile of grey ashes.



The Wild Beast

The birth is short, the birth is rough scrape across the matchbox.

Its loud roaring voice crackles in the deep dark night sky like a ferocious lion,

Its favourite food is wood and old cardboard.

It rises up to the cold infinite void of space and pollutes all the air in its path,

It breathes free and ferociously in the numb black night sky full of white crystal-clear stars.

Some people say when it dies down, the eyes look at you like a cave full of bloodthirsty bats.

It is always in a terrible mood, like an enraged demon.

Gradually it all dies down in a matter of seconds and lies down in its own dull bed of tired ashes.



The Beast

Its birth is born by the match

It is like a gigantic red shiny eye gazing through the dark shadowy smoke.

It has got three massive long tongues like a big slimy snake slivering and prancing through the dark.

It’s like a proud red and yellow lion roaring through the dark gloomy night.

It’s like popping candy in your mouth fizzing and bursting.

It’s got smoky breath like a dragon and its colour is all of the Autumn colours.

Its mood is like a lion, it tries to pounce on you when you are near

It moves like a snake slithering across the ground.

It dies down slowly there is still some light then it dies, just the ground holding the pile of ashes.


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Victorian Peg People

The children in Prep V have been making Victorian peg people in their art lessons. Having researched clothes worn by rich and poor Victorians, they used a range of materials including fabric, pipe cleaners, felt pens and wool. It was a challenging activity, but they all enjoyed being creative and are very proud of the results.

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Meet The New Bridgewater Prep Sports Captains

After much deliberation and careful appraisal of the twenty-four fantastic applicants to become the first Sports Captains at Bridgewater Prep, the decision has been made to appoint the following children to this new team of sporting ambassadors.

Prep III were so enthusiastic in their support of the new positions, with almost half of the class applying for one of the roles. It was an extremely difficult decision and was a close run thing amongst the boys and the girls, but in the end the positions will be taken by Maia and Oliver. Prep III are a talented and athletic class and they are going to be exciting to watch as they develop in the next couple of years. No doubt Oliver and Maia will be kept busy ensuring the class are up to speed with clubs, practices, fixtures and events as the year unfolds.

Prep IV will be represented by Amelia and Oliver following some excellent applications from the class. Oliver has a clear passion for sport in and out of school and this shown through in his application, backed up with a copy of his certificate he earned by completing a double marathon to raise funds for the homeless charity Shelter during the lockdown months. Amelia is an athletic and talented all-rounder who is committed to a variety of sports on offer at Bridgewater. During lessons Amelia leads the way when leading warm ups and always makes valuable contributions during PE lessons. Both will make a great addition to the team and will encourage and promote positive attitudes and sporting behaviour in lessons and clubs.

Prep V will be represented by Frankie and Maya who both demonstrated a desire and an enthusiasm for the role and we are sure will do a fabulous job. It is important to make the most of the sporting opportunities that are currently available to children during the current global pandemic and Bridgewater has a range of activities during curriculum and extra-curricular time that have been assessed and are running safely. One of the roles Frankie and Maya will have is to encourage and promote activities to ensure their class are aware of when clubs take place during the week.

Finally, the two children chosen to represent Prep VI as Sports Captains are Molly and Sebastian. Molly and Sebastian produced excellent applications, detailing their undoubted passion and commitment to a range of sports in and out of school, whilst it was clear that they also really wanted to take up the additional responsibility. It is hoped that once fixtures and sporting events return to the calendar, both will be instrumental in helping to distribute team lists and key information surrounding matches and practices. Molly and Sebastian will also have a role to play during the EYFS Sports Day later in the year, and they will prove to be good role models for younger age groups and of course their peers.

Thank you to all those who applied to become a Sports Captain.  Keep up the hard work and enthusiasm in PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs. We hope to develop and expand the opportunities for children to demonstrate their leadership skills and to support and encourage others to do their best in Physical Education. Congratulations to the elected Sports Captains and we look forward to working with you throughout the year ahead.

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Letters for lockdown


Prep IV is trying to shine a little light into the hearts of those less fortunate than ourselves. We have spent part of the morning writing heartfelt letters to the residents of Haslingden Hall Residential Home. The elderly residents are shielding safely, but have spent several months unable to spend time with their families. We thought our letters would cheer them up during the next lockdown.


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Performance Poetry

The recent National Poetry Day inspired a performance poetry challenge throughout the Prep department.  We hope you enjoy this selection of some of these performances.

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Where I’m From by Prep V

In Prep V we have been reading “Street Child” by Berlie Doherty, and thinking about homes and homelessness. For National Poetry Day, we read George Ella Lyons’s poem “Where I’m From”, then wrote our own versions. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Where I’m From

I am from the loud house, the busy house, which smells of Diet Coke

From the burning vanilla candles in the kitchen, and the original Fairy Liquid next to the sink.

I am from the magical marigolds in the garden, to the roses that shine in the moonlight.

From the family which always goes on holiday every year.

I am from my Mum and Dad who always play with me.

From the memory of nearly getting run over by a car.

From “Do your work!” and “Go to sleep!”

I am from the Muslim religion, and go to the mosque on Eid day.

I am from the Sunday roast and Banny’s on a Friday

And from the pictures of when I was born, which I sneaked away in my drawer.



Where I’m From

I am from the crazy house, which is always packed with family and bursting with good energy, music and laughter,

From cherry scented candles and Tesco apple juice

I am from the lemon and cherry trees, whose fruit I pick and devour in days

I am from a family which is always together, and every birthday we throw epic parties and have sentimental presents.

I am from Tanaka and Trevor, my siblings who have brought joy into my life,

From the memory of my brother who broke his arm, leg and foot on the same day.

From “Sit up or lay down!” and “Mothers know best!”

I am from plantain chips and African Fanta.

I am from the Zimbabwen and Nigerian part of the Basikolo and Adedeji family tree.



Where I’m From

I am from the tall glass apartment which smells like Fabreze air freshener and my dog’s food.

From buttery toast and cherry blossom Yankee candles.

I am from the squeak of the trains and the vrooming of the cars

I am from the family who decorates the Christmas tree with cinnamon sticks,

From Lee and Carol.

From the memory of trapping my hand in the car door and waving goodbye to my football that flew out of the window.

From “Practice makes perfect!” and “Be good!”

I am from the family that goes to church at Christmas,

From the Sunday roasts and the dripping gravy.

I am from the pink polka dot baby box that sits on top of my wardrobe.



Where I’m From

I am from the small house, which is like a cosy house that always feels friendly,

From Whiskas cat food and shimmering fizzy Coca Cola.

I am from the tall leafy tree that grows up to the sky, which sways every night in the cool breeze.

From the family which always watches scary movies every Friday night, snuggled up in fluffy blankets.

I am from a caring Mum, who means a lot, and my uncle who always puts a smile on my face when I’m feeling down.

From the memory of sleeping on the tall couch and ending up in hospital with a broken arm at the age of two,

From “Get your homework done!” and “Feed the cats!”

I am from the turkey which sits on the long, narrow table and the sweet taste of apple juice.

And I am from the baby photos that are all safe and snug in the thick, black album.



Where I’m From

I am from the long, white bungalow, which has thirteen rooms and dogs everywhere!

From Lynx body wash and Windex smell,

I am from a curled tulip, cosy and sleepy.

I am from the family who go out for a Nando’s or Red Sea on Christmas Eve.

I am from Sarah, and my brother’s fights.

From the memory of falling off the monkey bars and breaking my arm at Blackpool Zoo.

From “Do your homework, right this second!” and, “It could be done by now!”

I am from cheesy beans and fresh orange.

I am from the baby photos that make me laugh and go, “Awwww!”






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Abstract Noun Poems by Prep IV

The recent National Poetry Day inspired a range of poetic activities throughout the department.  Here are a few poems written by Prep IV.

What are lies?

If it were a colour, they would be as brown as mud in the ground.

If you could taste them, they would be as bitter and sour, poison and grass.

If you could see them, they would look like old fruit.

They would smell like milk which has gone off.

They make me feel sad and angry as if I am a balloon about to pop.

Their size can be very big like the Eiffel Tower.

If then was a creature, it would be a big scary monster!

Without them, the world would be a lot better.



What is imagination?

If it were a colour, it would bae as violet as witches brew.

If you could taste it, it would be like sweet and sour.

If you could see it, it would look like mixed emotions turning into a huge monster.

It would smell like a rainbow which is sweet and lovely.

It makes me feel happy and sad, as if I want to cry and laugh.

Its size is as big as the sky.

If it was a creature it would be a lion and a tortoise.

Without it, the world would be full of sadness and despair.



What Are Lies?

Lies are…

If they were a colour, it would be as red as a volcano with red lava.

If you could taste them, they would be like anger, mean and discerning

If you could see them, they would look like a red poppy.

They would smell like red sauce which is hot and spicy.

They make me feel naughty, as if I did something wrong.

Their size is gigantic, as big as a new volcano.

If they were a creature, it would be as vicious as a tiger.

Without them the world would be happy.



What is anger?

Anger is…..

If it were a colour, it would be as blood red as a tomato that is ripe.

If you could taste it, it would be like fire rock, coal and lemon.

If you could see it, it would look like a fire monster.

It would smell like ash which is very fresh.

It makes me feel annoyed, as if I was a lion who was furious.

Its size is of a house.

If it was a creature, it would be a lion

Without it, the world would be a better place.





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