Share your rainbow

Created by children to inspire hope and help boost morale, pictures of rainbows are appearing in windows across the country. Please send us a photograph of yours for our virtual gallery and let’s help spread positivity.


Please tweet your pictures to @BridgewaterScho or email and

Prep I recently created these rainbows in their Computing class using Microsoft Paint – they were learning how to use different brushes at the time.

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Knuckling down at home…

This is a new experience for all of us – we’d love to see your images of you working hard at home.  Well done to Toby for starting us off.

Send your pictures of you working hard to Mr. Suter at (you can share them on Google Drive too) and we’ll build up a gallery on here.

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GB Cyclist Inspires Bridgewater Through Sport

Friday 13th March was one of the luckier days for Bridgewater Prep children with all participating in an activity session with a GB athlete.  Joe Nally is a 20 year old track and road cyclist who has high hopes of reaching the Olympic Games one day. At 17 he became the youngest ever winner of the British Points Race Champion in 2017 and his ultimate dream is an Olympic medal and to wear the coveted yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

On Friday Joe delivered an assembly on his career to date and discussed the benefits of exercise on the mind as well as the body. This was followed by a 30 minute active session with each Prep class and an interesting Q and A discussion with the children who had an array of questions for Joe. As part of the day, children were asked to raise money via a sponsors to complete the activities with Joe and the money raised will go towards helping Joe on his journey to the Olympics and for some new sports equipment for school. We look forward to collecting the money in and we will keep you posted with the grand total once we have received all the sponsor money in from each class.

Finally, Bridgewater children completed a very worthwhile day by wearing their Sports Relief wrist bands in support of Sport Relief, with all money raised from the sales of the bands going to this very worthy cause. Well done to all who raised money for both causes and we wish Joe the best of luck on his road to Tokyo and Paris.

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Junior Gardeners set home growing task

Our Prep Junior Gardeners were hoping this year to hold a plant sale in order to raise funds for the Prep garden.  Unfortunately, current events have overtaken us.  However, in their preparation for this they had saved and packaged seeds from the garden in 2019 (including some seeds from our award winning garden at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show).

Yesterday, our Junior gardeners distributed these seeds to all children in the Prep department, together with a ‘Grow Together’ challenge.  From marigolds to poppies, nasturtiums to marrows, all children will have a chance to plant and grow their seeds during the coming weeks.  Perhaps they could keep a plant diary?  Measure growth?  Keep a photo journal?

We’d love to see pictures of these – email them to Mr. Suter at his school email address.

Happy growing!

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New Worsley Woods Art Installations

Today Prep VI White and Prep IV headed out into the woods to create some interesting art.  There were four groups  and each were given the challenge to make a piece of original art using only materials that could be found in the woods.  With each group finding their own unique ‘blank canvas’ area, the task began.  Each group took on their own approach.  Evie’s Group decided to opted for a sculpture of The Fire Pit, with an interesting array of logs and pseudo flames to complete their design.  The Nature Lovers were undecided; they tried several different installations, before opting for The House, a simplistic yet surprisingly complex piece that immediately made one think of the comforts of home and security, important things to cherish in the current situation.  The creation of The Giant Stick Insect was a clever choice by Creature Group led by Emma.  The group used a fallen tree as inspiration for their sculpture.  Finally, the Shovel Group found an abandoned shovel in the mud, and used this to replicate a museum piece cleverly displayed in a ‘case’ of branches.  Mr. Altdorf and Mr. Suter joined in: Mr. Altdorf’s complex Game of Life piece looked remarkably like a noughts and crosses board, while Mr. Suter’s Self-Portrait of a Primary School Teacher bore more than a passing resemblance to Shrek.

Mr. Altdorf had the unenviable task of declaring a winning group: The Giant Stick Insect.

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PE at home

If you would like to be active for 30 minutes a day (which you should!), you are familiar with how to do a 3-5 minute stretching routine and you can all do the 5 minute challenge – perhaps you can get a grown up to join in with you?

You have all also performed fitness circuits in recent weeks and should be able to design an indoor fitness circuit around your home, without having to use specialist equipment. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 stations working for 60 seconds with a 60 second rest in between is something you have all managed in lessons.

There are several very good Apps that could be downloaded and used on devices, the 7 Minute Workout is good and the Couch to 5K is excellent to develop endurance levels in the long term. All good for boosting the immune system and fighting infection.

PE activities you can do at home

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Home learning from EYFS

Dear EYFS Parents,

Whilst we are not in school today, please encourage your child to practice writing their name – Reception Class children can write their surnames too.

Also, use a tablet or computer to complete an activity or two on

KG children, look at Phases 1 & 2
Reception Class children, look at Phases 2-4

If there are any issues with this, please contact Miss Armstrong via email:

Any observations/photos can be uploaded onto your child’s Tapestry account – please contact Miss Armstrong with any issues regarding Tapestry.

Thank you for your understanding and support at this time.

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