Quiche me quick! Mrs. White’s weekly ingredient list…

Now that you’ve eaten all your flapjacks, get your shopping list ready fro this week’s recipe:

Week 2 of Mrs White’s Cookery School celebrates the Spring Quiche. In advance of Friday’s recipe you will need:
– 1 red onion
– 1 courgette
– 75g baby spinach
– 4 large free-range eggs
– 150ml double cream
– 75g goats cheese
– sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
– fresh basil (optional)

– 300g self-raising flour (plus extra for dusting)
– 150g unsalted butter (cubed, room temperature)

Plus…a large mixing bowl, loose-bottom quiche tin, rolling pin, cling film, knife, frying pan, jug, greaseproof paper and baking beans or rice.

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Mrs. White’s Cookery School – Flapjacks

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Assembly 22.5.2020

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Wooden spoons at the ready!

Join Mrs White in the kitchen every Friday afternoon as she delivers a range of simple recipes for your child to cook along to. On the menu next week – flapjacks! You will need:

– 200g unsalted butter
– 200g demerara sugar
– 200g honey
– 400g porridge oats
– 50g raisins
– Scales
– Large mixing bowl
– Wooden spoon
– Baking tin
– Greaseproof paper

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Carly and Annie’s VE Day videos…

We are thoroughly enjoying the videos that our children are making with their parents to showcase their learning and other activities that are taking place at home during lockdown.  Sisters Carly and Annie have starred in two videos that are perfectly timed, coming as they do so close to the recent celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Carly’s Wartime Pie is guaranteed to get your stomach rumbling, while Annie’s family research reminds us how important it is to remember the sacrifices our families made during the war, and to try to find out as much about our grandparents’, great grandparents’ and great great grandparents’ experiences as we can.


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Prep IV’s key worker thank you!

Our Prep children are continuing to find innovative ways to stay together during lockdown.  We hope you enjoy this latest offering from Prep IV.


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We’ll Meet Again

Prep VI White have done their own take on Vera Lynn’s classic tune in time for the VE Day celebrations…

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Flags out for VE Day!


Thank you so much to all the families that have participated in our VE Day bunting celebration. It is a great shame that we cannot celebrate this at school today as planned but all these households are proudly displaying their Union Jacks.
I am hoping that we receive pictures of VE Day lockdown celebrations of neighbours social distancing in the street and celebrating in their gardens. Any pictures of costumes would be wonderful!

Happy VE Day.

Mr Rooney

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Conrad’s Plant and Flower Hunt

We love these isolation videos that the children have been submitting to their teachers.  If you are stuck for ideas, why not try Conrad’s Plant and Flower Hunt?

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Lockdown Diary

What has the lockdown been like for you?  Prep’s Amelia and Maia have recorded their own video diary, documenting the lockdown.

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