Reception by Reception

As part of their Computing lessons, our Reception children have been learning to use different digital devices – today, we used digital cameras. Not only did we learn how to use the cameras – and we will concede that not all of these pictures are perfect! – we also learnt that it is important that, while taking photographs is lots of fun, not everybody wants to be in them and that it is important to ask permission before taking them.

We hope you enjoy these shots from our budding junior photographers!

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Mount Potato – Prep V find out about the lay of the land

As part of their Mountains unit in Geography lessons, Prep V have been finding out about contour lines on maps – and what better way to do so than use potatoes! The children carefully marked the contour lines on their spuds to replicate those on their maps before cutting them. As maps show changes in height and where the terrain is steep or flat, and this was the same with the potatoes. Prep V found out that contour lines at different heights cannot cross each other, and all the points on a given contour line are all at the same height. If they move from one contour line to another then there is a change of height. The closer the lines are the ‘faster’ the height changes, and thus the ‘steeper’ the terrain. The further apart the contour lines are, the greater distance over which height changes = gentler slope.

Sadly, they didn’t get to turned their sliced spuds into chips later in the day but their geographical knowledge has improved!

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Easter bonnet parade

Spring was most definitely in the air when our Prep children paraded their Easter bonnets last week. Here are just a few of the creative offerings being shown.

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Prep department roll into the holidays in cracking fashion…

Today’s Easter Egg Roll celebrated the end of a fabulous spring term full of new learning opportunities, experiences and achievements. Well done to all our Prep children for their continued efforts and enthusiasm.

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Prep Magazine – Spring 2021-2022

Please find attached our latest edition of the Prep Magazine, showcasing a variety of work from all classes across the department. We hope you enjoy it!

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Come Fly with Prep I and II

Prep I and II enjoyed a fun trip out in the last week of term to The Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Centre as part of their topic on Journeys.

The children took part in a workshop inside an old aeroplane and had the chance to play at being pilots in the cockpit and learn all about the different jobs people have at the airport including air stewards and air traffic controllers.

We then had the chance to see Concorde up close and explore inside a plane and how it is made.

Finally it was time for lunch and then a play whilst we watched planes take off and land on the runway. We loved imagining where people were going on their journeys and wished we could be on the planes with them!

A great day was had by all and the staff at the centre commented on what fantastic children we had and how engaged they were in their learning. Well done Prep I and II.

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Bloomin’ lovely new greenhouse for Gardening Club

It was a chance remark from a Gardening Club member to one of the Prep Council members that led, at one of the Council meetings, to a question as to whether the Prep Council could raise funds for a greenhouse for the Gardening Club. As with all things in Prep Council, it was discussed, the pros and cons debated, and the then Council decided it would be something they would like to be involved in. In fact, at the time they organised a cake sale, they proceeds of which paid for the greenhouse.

Fast forward – a slight delay caused by the intervention of something called Covid? – and that greenhouse has now been erected adjacent to the Prep Garden. Yesterday, Oliver – the Prep Council member who made the original request – cut the ribbon for our official opening! Our Prep gardeners are very excited, and already have plants and seeds growing inside it!

Today we were also visited by the current Prep Council, who were delighted to see that ideas they are involved in do come to fruition within the school.

Of course, special mention must go to Rich from our maintenance team, whose job it has been to put the greenhouse together – he certainly deserves a prize for his patience and perseverance!

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No lazing in the sun for the U10 netball team

On a hot sunny day, most people are happy to lounge around enjoying the rays, perhaps taking on a cool drink and they gently seek a soft breeze to cool them down from the heat of the sun.

Not so our U10 netball team. Competing in the ISA Netball tournament on the hottest day of the year so far, the girls found themselves in a competitive pool of ten teams. Despite the heat, they progressed to the semi finals, where unfortunately their progress in the tournament ended.  Finishing in 4th position out of 10 strong teams is not to be sneezed at, however, and the girls deserve – as ever – credit for their effort, sportsmanship and determination to keep going.  Their progress this season is clear to see, so well done!

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Stuck in the mud – cross country club brave the elements

The recent fluctuations in weather conditions have done nothing to deter our intrepid cross country club members. Come rain or shine (we’re a bit wary of wind, being in under and amongst the trees) our Friday lunchtime runners our out with Mr. Grant. Miss Jones and Mr. Connelly, exploring different routes through Worsley Woods. The tracks look quite dry in these photos: don’t be deceived! The children still return to school covered in mud!

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Brighten Someone’s Day Online

A free online safety guide on how to Brighten Someone’s Day Online, courtesy of National Online Safety.

“Living a good digital life doesn’t only mean avoiding the bad stuff like online trolls, scam adverts or gory video games. Sometimes it’s about celebrating the good things: how the internet has the power, for example, to help people improve each other’s day with a kind word, a supportive comment or a well-timed meme. Comic Relief 2022 has the theme of ‘You’ – proposing that these small acts of kindness, if performed by enough people, can make a massive difference.

In support of this year’s Red Nose Day, we’ve produced a special #WakeUpWednesday guide with some suggestions on how we can all bring a smile to someone’s face by being more positive online – including video calling, posting a kind comment and sharing a feelgood playlist.”

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