From Mr. Rooney

Please see the latest notes and letters sent from Mr. Rooney.

 Summer Term 2020-2021

Visiting Author Friday 21 May – email sent 10.5.2021

Please find attached information regarding Lydia Sanders visiting school on Friday 21st May.  Also attached is an order form should you wish to pre-order a book.

Royal Mail ‘Heroes’ Stamp Design Competition – email sent 6.5.2021

I will be using my assembly to discuss the heroes of the COVID 19 pandemic. Your child will then be invited to enter the Heroes Stamp Design Competition on behalf of Bridgewater School Prep.  The competition is a challenge to design a stamp that will honour the heroes of the recent pandemic. These heroes could be NHS workers, delivery drivers, teaching staff, supermarket workers, public transport workers vaccine scientists, emergency services, military, volunteers or cleaners. The list is endless of people that have contributed to the fight against COVID 19.

Your child’s class teacher will send the entry form home as extra homework or use an art lesson to do the design. If the form does come home I would be grateful if you could please fill in the details at the top including the school postcode which is M28 2WQ.

Mr Rooney’s 1km Challenge Club – email sent 29.4.2021

Pupils in Prep 1 – 6 have been set a challenge of walking 1km each week in Mr Rooney’s 1km Challenge Club.  Each class is challenged to walk 5 laps of the field in 20 minutes, once a week during lunch times.

The schedule is:

Tuesday:          Prep 1 – 2

Thursday:        Prep 5 – 6

Friday:             Prep 3 – 4

Please ensure that your child has a pair of trainers and their school coat with them every day for playtimes and to walk the course safely.

An extra–curricular timetable for this term will be circulated to all parents very soon.

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