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Please see the latest notes and letters sent from Mr. Rooney.

 Spring Term 2018-2019

Prep Sports Day – email sent 25.6.2019

Please find attached a copy of the 2019 Sports Day Programme. Parents are welcome to join us during the events but please note that times are approximate. 

Key Stage 2 parents are welcome to follow their children around the carousel of field events during the morning. Chairs will be provided during the afternoon for parents beyond the barrier next to the track. Children will be instructed to stay with their class rather than run over to their parents. This will avoid dangerous collisions on the track and interruptions to the busy schedule. Most importantly class teachers need to know where their pupils are at all times. Children can be collected form class as normal after the event.

Hot weather is forecast for Friday. Could I please ask for your support and assistance in ensuring that all children coming in to school wearing their school PE kit, a sun hat and high factor sun cream. All children should have a refillable water bottle. 

Prep Sports Day 2019

Sports Days – email sent 19.6.2019

Our EYFS and Prep children have been practising hard for their Sports Day events this summer. Please read the information below which will explain when and where your child will be competing and other important pointers.

EYFS – Thursday 27th June

10.00am – 11.30am

This event will be held in the Sports Hall.  Children should wear practical clothes for running which contain their House colours. We do allow parents to take their child home after this event if they wish.

Prep I and II – Friday 28th June

1.30pm – 3.00pm

This event will be held on the school field, weather permitting.  Children should wear their PE kit including full tracksuit, socks, blue shorts or skort and blue Bridgewater PE top. These will be fun events with each child being rewarded with stickers.

Prep III to VI – Friday 28th June

10.00am to 3.00pm, with a break for normal school lunch time.  This event will be held on the school field, weather permitting.  Children should wear their PE kit including full tracksuit, socks, blue shorts or skort and white Bridgewater PE top.  During the course of the day, children will be gaining points for their house towards the 2019 Sports Day Trophy.

All children should bring a refillable water bottle, sun cream, a hat and school coat (there is no accounting for the British weather). School lunches will be served as normal.

If the weather does affect the Infant and Junior schedules, a school text will be sent out explaining that all children will have an abridged wet weather progamme of events in the Sports Hall on the day. Obviously the EYFS event will not be affected.

Parents are welcome to attend any of the events. A programme will be sent home with more details closer to the event.

Social media issues – email sent 5.6.2019

It has come to my attention that children in Prep V are using the Snapchat and Yolo apps. Snapchat is not available to children under 13 years of age and can only be accessed if a false date of birth is inserted. Yolo is a new app which has caused some child protection concerns. Could I please ask for your support in ensuring that your child has not accessed these social media apps. Close monitoring of mobile phone usage is always advisable. Please find below a link to some advice issued by BT for parents regarding Snapchat and a BBC article regarding Yolo.  I have spoken to the children regarding the use of phones and have encouraged them to be children, to talk face to face and to enjoy playing together rather than relying on technology to communicate.

Thank you for your continued support.

Gymnastics Club vacancies – email sent 16.5.2019

We still have some vacancies for Key Stage 2 Gymnastics Club after school on Mondays. If you would like your child to participate please make a payment on ParentPay of £10.  We will then arrange for your child to attend the club after half term for the remainder of the school year.

Importance of Handwashing – email sent 16.5.2019

Unfortunately we have had a recurrence of stomach upsets and other illnesses recently. To help minimise pupil absences please assist us by reminding your children of the importance of thorough hand washing and general hygiene.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Prep. Magazine Spring 2018-2019 edition

Thank you to all the children and their teachers  for their contributions to this term’s edition of the Prep. magazine.  Once you have all had a chance to read it, I’m sure you will agree there are some fantastic pieces of work within it.  Aysha Rajpura’s art work was selected for the front cover, congratulations Aysha! I have particularly enjoyed some of the writing from our classes this time around.  We have some promising young writers in the department.

A special mention must go to Mr Suter who has worked so hard to produce such a wonderful magazine. He works tirelessly to produce this termly magazine and of course the Prep Blog which continues to provide a rolling platform of news and features from the Prep. Department.

Please encourage your children to visit the blog and read it. It would be great to see lots of comments posted by the children and parents. Prep. Magazine Spring Edition 2018-2019

May I take this opportunity to wish all our pupils and their families a very happy Easter.

Re: extra-curricular clubs this week – email sent 25.3.2019

 There will be no football practice after school today as Mr Altdorf is away on a school fixture and will not be due back until 4:30pm. Any children not collected at the end of the school day, will be escorted to Late Club.

 Wednesday’s & Thursday’s after-school clubs have been switched due to the availability of the Sports Hall. 

Therefore, Wednesday will be Football Club and Thursday will be Basketball Club. 

 Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Birthday cakes – email sent 21.3.2019

Although we try to promote healthy eating in our school at break time and at lunch we do turn a blind eye to the odd birthday cake. We do though request that cakes are sliced at home or that individual cup cakes are sent in. 

Most importantly can I stress that no food whatsoever is permitted on the school grounds containing traces of nuts as we have children on site who are extremely allergic to them.

Thank you for your continued support

Red Nose Day – email sent 11.3.2018

We will be supporting this important charity on Friday by having a joke competition in school. For a £1 entry the children will be able to tell their favourite gags to their class in the hope that they will be voted as the Red Nose Day Comedian of their class. The winners will then tell their jokes to all of Prep in assembly during the afternoon.  All proceeds will go to the Red Nose Day charity.

Children are welcome to come in to school wearing red noses and other merchandise related to the event.

Thank you in advance for your kind and generous support.

Child Safety Online: MOMO – email sent 1.3.2019

Please see attached IMPORTANT information regarding keeping your child safe online and details of the current MOMO challenge.  Please continue to monitor your child’s use of the internet.

What parents need to know about MOMO

Details to support you with your child’s internet safety can also be found on our Prep Blog:


Nut allergies – email sent 22.1.2019

We have some children in our school with severe nut allergies that can be triggered by being in the vicinity of nuts as well as consuming or touching them.  Can I please ask you to ensure that any food including snacks or birthday cakes that your child brings in to school does not contain any traces of nuts.

Thank you for your continued support

Coats during cold weather/safety at collection times – email sent 17.1.2019

Temperatures are set to fall tomorrow and next week with sleet forecast. Please would you ensure that your child always brings in their school coat during the winter months. We encourage the children to get as much fresh air as they can during break times but this is proving difficult as many children are not coming to school with their Bridgewater coat.

We are becoming increasingly concerned about the health and safety of children on the Early Years playground before school and after dismissal at the end of the day. Please ensure that your child is supervised at all times and that they refrain from running around the play area and playing on the equipment as these areas are only risk assessed to be supervised by Bridgewater teaching staff.

Thank you for your continued support


Senior School Entrance Examination – email sent 15.1.2019

 Please may I remind you that our Senior School Entrance Examination will be taking place on:


 Therefore, as per the school calendar, students and children in both Senior and Prep. Departments will not be in school on that day unless they are Year 6 pupils sitting the examination.



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