From Mr. Rooney

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 Spring Term 2019-2020

Sport Relief Day Friday 13 March – email sent 10.3.2020

I writing to remind you that it is Inspiresport/Sport Relief Day in Prep on Friday when Joe Nally, international cyclist comes in to school to inspire and work with the children. Thank you to everyone who has completed the sponsor forms so far. Please return them as soon as possible to your child’s class teacher. All children are requested to come in to school in their PE kit and tracksuit on Friday.

We are also selling Sport Relief wristbands this week for £1. Children are welcome to wear these in school. All proceeds will go to Sport Relief Day which is also on Friday.

Thank you once again for your wonderful support.


Safety Request – email sent 24th January 2020

I have recently spoken to all the Prep children about acting safely on the Early Years play area at the end of the school day. This area is designed for small numbers of Early Years children to play under close supervision. Please be aware of possible hazards for children running in this small playground when there are large numbers of people stood in this area waiting for their children to be dismissed.

Could I also remind parents that Bridgewater School does not permit dogs on to the school site.

Thank you for your continued co-operation

Mobile phones in Prep – email sent 7.1.2020

Can I please remind you of the extract below taken from the Prep Parents Handbook which can be found on the school website. Thank you for your support with this matter.

As a general rule, mobile phones are not permitted in Prep – not even on ‘Toy Days’, however, if a pupil from Prep III to VI travel by school transport, parents may complete a form (available from the Deputy Head or the office) requesting their child be permitted to do so. This will be allowed with certain conditions.

If a child needs to phone home, he/she will be allowed to use the office phone. If there is an occasion where you feel it is essential for your child to bring a mobile phone to school, please see the Deputy Head to make a one-off arrangement.

Flu Immunisation on Mon 20 January – email sent 16.1.2020

Intrahealth will revisit school on Monday 20th January to immunise children who were unable to receive the nasal flu immunisation last term.  I have already written personally to families who are on the Intrahealth list for Monday.  If you have not received a personal email from me today and you expect your child to be on the list, or you originally denied permission for the immunisation but have changed your mind, please call Intrahealth on 0333 358 3397 as soon as possible to register your permission.

Gymnastics Club Prep III to Year 7 – email sent 15.1.2020

We still have places available on the extra-curricular gymnastics club on a Monday afternoon.  Details below:

We are pleased to announce that Jennie Chadwick can again offer an extra-curricular gymnastics club for pupils in Year 3 to Year 7 on a Monday afternoon between 3.45pm and 4.45pm in the Prep Hall starting Monday 13th January. Jennie is a fully qualified gymnastics coach who has worked with us for several years coaching gymnastics at Bridgewater School.

The children will wear their normal PE kit. The club will cost £2.50 per session. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis

To gain acceptance in to the club please log in to your ParentPay account, this will limit entries to 20 places.  A payment of £27.50 will be requested to pay for sessions up to and including Monday 30th March.

Salford Schools Cross Country – email sent 8.1.2020

We would like to invite your child to represent Bridgewater Prep in the final race of the Salford Cross-Country League at Buile Hill Park, Salford at 9:15am on Saturday 18th January 2020.  We have had some fantastic individual results already this academic year and we would really like to build on the team and individual successes. In order to do so, we need as many runners as possible form Prep III-VI to participate. The criteria for selection continues to be simple, turn up, run and have fun!

All runners will receive a certificate with their respective teams on to keep as a memento of the race.  We had amazing support from families and Prep runners in the last race before Christmas and we are really hoping to set new records for participation this year.  Each run will last for about 6-7 minutes and is a brilliant way to start the weekend. Once you have ran, you can go home.

Please can you support Bridgewater in this important event at the next race on Saturday 18th January at Buile Hill Park.

The Salford Cross Country League is the ideal way to help us achieve one of our aims in PE in ensuring every pupil represents at least one school team and to provide everybody with a sporting occasion to remember.

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