Bridgewater try, try and try again!

Bridgewater Prep under 9 tag rugby team have had just two games lessons and three extra curricular sessions together to learn the rules and how to play this exciting game. Tactics and a game plan were formulated. Mr. Rooney became more confident as the team trained in the morning. Maybe we could pull off a few shocks today? 

The team arrived at Manchester Grammar School with sunny skies, a warm welcome and lovely pitches. Tag belts were securely fastened and after a quick reminder of the game plan the boys went into battle with our great rivals Bolton School. 

Oscar  won the game of Rock Paper Scissors and the All Blues started the game. An immediate pattern of play was set. Bridgewater ran powerfully and with determination. They passed only when they had to, preferring to run towards space and the try line. Most importantly the team were Bridgewater Lions with their defensive play. They reminded each other of the importance of a defensive line and ripped tags from the ball carrier like children ripping wrapping paper from a toy on Christmas Day! 

Bolton were dispatched five tries to three. Everyone was delighted, especially Mr. Rooney who told the team how proud he was of them. 

Scarisbrick School were next. The balance and speed of Oscar, Jacob, Jensen (C) and Keane impressed watching teachers. Our second victory was achieved and confidence was high. 

Our third game vs Birkenhead was tricky. Our opposition showed experience and skill that required our full team to respond. Daniel, Oliver, Sam, Mason and Henry were fast emerging as elusive runners who could spot a gap and go for the line with a swivel of the hips. The game went right to the wire but unfortunately our impressive opponents won by the odd try. 

Newcastle and AKS had no answers to the power and skill of Bridgewater who now had every member of their team on the scoresheet. 

Our final game was against Cheadle Hulme with an ex teammate of Mr. Rooney coaching the opposition. The All Blues were told they had to win!  It was a tough game which bordered on getting physical as the teams ran hard at each other. In the end a draw was the correct result with onlookers applauding (including Wayne and Colleen Rooney – rumours that the younger Rooney was getting management tips from the older Rooney were quickly dispelled!). 

The teams shook hands sportingly as the curtain came down on a wonderful afternoon of rugby. Our thanks go to our hosts and the opposition. Good luck to Prep III next week, also at MGS.

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