Prep V spent an entertaining and informative afternoon learning about the Maya people today with history facilitator Del Bannister. The Maya were an ancient civilization form Mesoamerica, and we found out about their culture, rituals, diet and clothes by working in teams to sort a range of artefacts. These included musical instruments, feathers, fabric, cocoa pods, masks, a chocolate whisk as well as an incredibly intricate calendar. We could begin to appreciate that the Maya were a lively and colourful civilisation, and this was clearly seen in the clothes which they wore. Daniel and Emily modelled the typical outfits of a Maya man and woman beautifully and looked very smart. The clothes also reflected the warm climate of Mayan lands.

We also arranged our class so that it reflected the organisation of a Mayan city. This was great for the city ruler, Jacob and the powerful priests, Henry and Oliver who told everyone what the gods wanted them to do. Then came the nobleman, Harrison and Sam (and their doting wives Izabella and Florence) who also enjoyed positions of authority. The farmers, soldiers and peasants were next in the social pyramid, and finally there were the slaves, any of whom might be needed for a human sacrifice if the gods needed appeasing. The priests recommended sacrificing slave Lucie, who was to be dropped down a well, as there had not been any rain in the city of Tikal for some time. The slaves were not too happy with their place in the city’s hierarchy!

Our final challenge was a food quiz, and we used our senses to identify nine different foods which the Maya people ate. Some of these were very familiar – we recognized the chilli flakes, vanilla and the cocoa pods. Rather more surprising was the lizard and the monkey… we were not sure we would like to find either of the on our school dinner menu!

Prep V engaged in all the activities with enthusiasm, asking and answering questions thoughtfully like true history detectives. Our thanks go to Mrs. Bannister for all her hard work and organisation, and to all our parents for their continued support.

Monkey for lunch with Prep V Mayans

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