The Egg-cellent Comic Relief Red Nose Relay

It is no eggsageration to say it has been an eggstremely eggciting day here in Prep.  Mr. Altdorf hatched an eggcellent plan for  all classes to shellibrate Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day by organising the Red Nose Relay – classes were eggspected to eggshibit eggstraordinary and eggsceptional skills to complete as many lengths as possible through the eggsilarating course while eggsercising with an egg and spoon in their hand.

Actually, it was a Comic Relief nose, not an egg, so enough of the puns!  What is excellent, is that £153 has been raised for Comic Relief’s causes.  Thank you so much for contributing, and well done to Mr. Altdorf for organising the event.

According to his stats, each class covered the following distances:

KG                  575m
Reception     800m
Prep I.             925m
Prep IV.           2050m
Prep II.             2125m
Prep V.             2525m
Prep III.             2700m
Prep VI.            2725m

Total distance covered 14,425m, which is just over 9 miles.

Ella (Prep III) and Leo (Prep V) stood out as top egg n spoon speed stars with Prep III outstanding as a team!

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