One thing that many of us are struggling with during lockdown is the inability to travel to places that we would usually love to visit – and that’s the same in school as well, as we are obviously preventing from undertaking our usual educational trips and visits.

We are grateful to Prep V’s Raj, whose grandfather is a volunteer at the Welsh Mountain Zoo and brought to our attention a series of informal educational visits that the zoo is running which they say are suitable for children  from 6 upwards.  Details of the sessions can be found by following the link below.  The zoo says, “We are running these sessions to help support home education during lock down. We hope that participants will in turn support the Welsh Mountain Zoo, which is currently closed due to a National Lock Down. Please support us by providing a donation for the session, donations will go towards the running of the zoo, and care of our animals.”

You can find details of the sessions here:

Welsh Mountain Zoo Educational Events



Snakes alive! (and other animals…)

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