Remembrance Day- one of the saddest days of the year,

Eager soldiers were ready to go,

Mothers keeping the towns alive whilst the boys were gone,

Everyone wanted to come out alive,

Men wounded all over,

Bombing was all around,

Everyone was relieved when it was all over,

Red poppies were the first living things to bloom after.



Remember all the soldiers fighting for our lives,

Every soldier fought for their home team,

Mothers felt destroyed,

Every man did it for Britain,

Memories of them as Mothers looked down in shame,

Bombs fell as friends died,

Eventually it was over,

Remember all the soldiers, they fought for our freedom.



Remembrance Day is here,

Everywhere bombs were falling,

Millions of souls were lost,

Everyone should wear a poppy,

Mothers waiting for their children,

Broken bones and arms lost,

Eager mums waited for a letter,

Remember the fallen soldiers.



Remembrance Day is here again,

Every soldier risked their life for us,

Mothers weep whilst sons and husbands are fighting,

Eager mums ran to see if they had letter,

Mothers waiting for their children and husbands,

Broken bones in the war,

Everyone should wear a poppy,

Remember remember the 11th November.



Remember the brave lives in the war,

Eager people keen to get victory,

Messages almost as dirty as the wasteland,

Every soldier did what was best for the country,

Mothers wondering if their child was safe,

Barbed wire grabbing clothes making an easy target,

Every soldier will be remembered,

Remembrance Day is back!


Remembrance Poems by Prep IV

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