Meet The New Bridgewater Prep Sports Captains

After much deliberation and careful appraisal of the twenty-four fantastic applicants to become the first Sports Captains at Bridgewater Prep, the decision has been made to appoint the following children to this new team of sporting ambassadors.

Prep III were so enthusiastic in their support of the new positions, with almost half of the class applying for one of the roles. It was an extremely difficult decision and was a close run thing amongst the boys and the girls, but in the end the positions will be taken by Maia and Oliver. Prep III are a talented and athletic class and they are going to be exciting to watch as they develop in the next couple of years. No doubt Oliver and Maia will be kept busy ensuring the class are up to speed with clubs, practices, fixtures and events as the year unfolds.

Prep IV will be represented by Amelia and Oliver following some excellent applications from the class. Oliver has a clear passion for sport in and out of school and this shown through in his application, backed up with a copy of his certificate he earned by completing a double marathon to raise funds for the homeless charity Shelter during the lockdown months. Amelia is an athletic and talented all-rounder who is committed to a variety of sports on offer at Bridgewater. During lessons Amelia leads the way when leading warm ups and always makes valuable contributions during PE lessons. Both will make a great addition to the team and will encourage and promote positive attitudes and sporting behaviour in lessons and clubs.

Prep V will be represented by Frankie and Maya who both demonstrated a desire and an enthusiasm for the role and we are sure will do a fabulous job. It is important to make the most of the sporting opportunities that are currently available to children during the current global pandemic and Bridgewater has a range of activities during curriculum and extra-curricular time that have been assessed and are running safely. One of the roles Frankie and Maya will have is to encourage and promote activities to ensure their class are aware of when clubs take place during the week.

Finally, the two children chosen to represent Prep VI as Sports Captains are Molly and Sebastian. Molly and Sebastian produced excellent applications, detailing their undoubted passion and commitment to a range of sports in and out of school, whilst it was clear that they also really wanted to take up the additional responsibility. It is hoped that once fixtures and sporting events return to the calendar, both will be instrumental in helping to distribute team lists and key information surrounding matches and practices. Molly and Sebastian will also have a role to play during the EYFS Sports Day later in the year, and they will prove to be good role models for younger age groups and of course their peers.

Thank you to all those who applied to become a Sports Captain.  Keep up the hard work and enthusiasm in PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs. We hope to develop and expand the opportunities for children to demonstrate their leadership skills and to support and encourage others to do their best in Physical Education. Congratulations to the elected Sports Captains and we look forward to working with you throughout the year ahead.

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1 Response to Meet The New Bridgewater Prep Sports Captains

  1. Rose Mawema (Amelia and Maia's granny) says:

    Well done to the boys and girls and congratulations on your new roles. The sky is the limit for you all and keep on raising the Bridgewater banner high. Onwards and upwards 🙌


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