In Prep V we have been reading “Street Child” by Berlie Doherty, and thinking about homes and homelessness. For National Poetry Day, we read George Ella Lyons’s poem “Where I’m From”, then wrote our own versions. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Where I’m From

I am from the loud house, the busy house, which smells of Diet Coke

From the burning vanilla candles in the kitchen, and the original Fairy Liquid next to the sink.

I am from the magical marigolds in the garden, to the roses that shine in the moonlight.

From the family which always goes on holiday every year.

I am from my Mum and Dad who always play with me.

From the memory of nearly getting run over by a car.

From “Do your work!” and “Go to sleep!”

I am from the Muslim religion, and go to the mosque on Eid day.

I am from the Sunday roast and Banny’s on a Friday

And from the pictures of when I was born, which I sneaked away in my drawer.



Where I’m From

I am from the crazy house, which is always packed with family and bursting with good energy, music and laughter,

From cherry scented candles and Tesco apple juice

I am from the lemon and cherry trees, whose fruit I pick and devour in days

I am from a family which is always together, and every birthday we throw epic parties and have sentimental presents.

I am from Tanaka and Trevor, my siblings who have brought joy into my life,

From the memory of my brother who broke his arm, leg and foot on the same day.

From “Sit up or lay down!” and “Mothers know best!”

I am from plantain chips and African Fanta.

I am from the Zimbabwen and Nigerian part of the Basikolo and Adedeji family tree.



Where I’m From

I am from the tall glass apartment which smells like Fabreze air freshener and my dog’s food.

From buttery toast and cherry blossom Yankee candles.

I am from the squeak of the trains and the vrooming of the cars

I am from the family who decorates the Christmas tree with cinnamon sticks,

From Lee and Carol.

From the memory of trapping my hand in the car door and waving goodbye to my football that flew out of the window.

From “Practice makes perfect!” and “Be good!”

I am from the family that goes to church at Christmas,

From the Sunday roasts and the dripping gravy.

I am from the pink polka dot baby box that sits on top of my wardrobe.



Where I’m From

I am from the small house, which is like a cosy house that always feels friendly,

From Whiskas cat food and shimmering fizzy Coca Cola.

I am from the tall leafy tree that grows up to the sky, which sways every night in the cool breeze.

From the family which always watches scary movies every Friday night, snuggled up in fluffy blankets.

I am from a caring Mum, who means a lot, and my uncle who always puts a smile on my face when I’m feeling down.

From the memory of sleeping on the tall couch and ending up in hospital with a broken arm at the age of two,

From “Get your homework done!” and “Feed the cats!”

I am from the turkey which sits on the long, narrow table and the sweet taste of apple juice.

And I am from the baby photos that are all safe and snug in the thick, black album.



Where I’m From

I am from the long, white bungalow, which has thirteen rooms and dogs everywhere!

From Lynx body wash and Windex smell,

I am from a curled tulip, cosy and sleepy.

I am from the family who go out for a Nando’s or Red Sea on Christmas Eve.

I am from Sarah, and my brother’s fights.

From the memory of falling off the monkey bars and breaking my arm at Blackpool Zoo.

From “Do your homework, right this second!” and, “It could be done by now!”

I am from cheesy beans and fresh orange.

I am from the baby photos that make me laugh and go, “Awwww!”






Where I’m From by Prep V

One thought on “Where I’m From by Prep V

  • October 29, 2020 at 3:59 pm

    I love these poems. I had a guess at who had written them before reading the authors name. ( I guessed most of them !! )
    The poems made me smile and feel happy. Well done everyone.
    Mrs Williams.


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