Aeronauts at National Finals

You may remember that  Alia, Joe and Yasmeen from Prep IV had previously been flying the school flag at the Fly to the Line regional finals at Manchester Airport (Aeronauts Fly to the Line in 4th) They came a very respectful fourth place, and were waiting to hear if they would receive a wildcard entry to the main event. 

They did!  Yesterday, they set off nice and early with Mrs. Acton and Mr. Lochery to attend the ‘Fly to the Line National Finals’ at the RAF Museum Cosford.  Their plane design was inspired by their classmates who helped with the overall design.

The final overall results at the time of going to press were unknown- we didn’t win, but suspect a possible 4th/5th place finish.  As Joe said, “Our wings were a bit big.”  This has been a fantastic journey for our three aeronauts who have represented the school extremely well.  Well done to them!

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2 Responses to Aeronauts at National Finals

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well Done Prep Iv I am so proud of you


  2. Amira Mohsen says:

    Thank you for a wonderful experience, Alia loved every moment!


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