Aeronauts Fly to the Line in 4th…

Earlier this term, Prep IV held flying trials, to see who would represent the school in the ‘Fly to the line’ regional finals at the Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport.  On Wednesday, Alia, Yasmeen and Joe did just that.  In the large room where Concorde now spends its remaining days, our three aeronauts designed and made a new glider, which they then flew.  The top three school teams who flew the furthest are then invited to attend the Final at The RAF Museum Cosford.   Our glider came a very respectable 4th position (out of 17 schools) and are now the ‘wildcards’ who may if lucky get an invitation.  So keep everything crossed as Mrs. Acton awaits that very important email!  Hopefully, it will be luck of the Irish and an entry to the finals…

Mr. Lochery, another Senior  Science teacher also attended, and while he and Mrs. Acton made their own plane for the Teachers’ Competition, we have no news on their success – or lack of it…

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1 Response to Aeronauts Fly to the Line in 4th…

  1. aliazaki says:

    Good luck! Thank you Mrs Acton for the support and encouragement


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