Prep III travelled back in time at Burwardsley on Friday 22nd September to the Stone Age, Iron Age and the Roman era. Rain poured down on the mini buses during the journey but we arrived to cloudy and dry weather. 

During our first activity, we looked at artefacts, had a go at putting them into the right era, and talked about what they were used for. We could not wait to have a go at Stone Age archery after looking at their hand made bow and arrows using sticks and rope so our next task was to see who could hit the mammoth.  It was the teachers who went first to demonstrate how it was done. Miss Gregory was the only one out of us all who managed to get it on the board and close to the mammoth. Next was the children’s turn – unfortunately no-one managed to hit the board. 

To the round house we went next, after grabbing our animals to protect them from other people or animals at night and taking them inside the round house. We went, staring in amazement at the drawings on the walls. We talked about what they were made of and agreed to have a go at making one later on. Prep III were brilliant at making up stories about what the pictures were of. Lunch was eaten by all and down came the rain. Luckily we were undercover for our next two activities. 

We got stuck in with the clay and made our own clay pot which we brought back to school. We created them by making sausage shapes and coiling them together. We also turned into archaeologists for a while and went searching for old artefacts in the ground. We found bones, stones that were used for looms and pieces of clay pots which are now all on their way to the museum in Chester. With the rain having stopped, we went back outside to our next activity which was to make a round house using mud, grass and water (n the Stone Age they used cow poo).  

After a little play on the playground, off we went through heavy traffic back to our soaking parents at school. Thank you to Miss Gill and Miss Gregory for organising and driving and to Miss McEvoy for joining us. 

History in the rain…

2 thoughts on “History in the rain…

  • October 19, 2023 at 11:42 am

    Wow that looks really fun Henry

  • September 27, 2023 at 7:12 pm

    Wow looks like prep III had an amazing time at Burwardsley I wish I could have been there as well!


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