Prep IV travelled back in time on Tuesday 26th September to the Vikings at Tatton Park. The day was filled with activities and animals of all shapes and sizes.

We walked through the farm where chickens were roaming free to a clearing in the woodland. There we met two people who explained about the Vikings and the Saxons. After separating into two groups, one group headed off to learn how to react in a battle against the Saxons and how to use shields. The other group headed off to learn how to bash the wheat, grind the wheat seed and make bread. Each group then swapped over.

Lunch was needed to fill our rumbling tummies. We headed to our meeting point where the children gravitated to the shire horses, a couple of children had a stroke when one of the horses decided to say hello. Next, eleven piglets and their mum made their way from the field past us. Sounds off “Aahhh!” echoed through the farm. 

Back to the clearing in the woods, we learnt all about the deer on the land, how their antlers fall off and what the Vikings use them for. We learnt about the different types of animal skin used. Next we had a go at making bracelets (rope) the Viking way. Back to the mini buses we headed, past some sheep, cows and a deer!

Thank you to Mr. Rooney for driving, Mrs. Booth for organising and Miss Gregory for driving and experiencing it with us.       

Viking invasion at Tatton Park

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