Prep VI get to grips with their residential – day 1

While Prep V were out on the water, it was the turn of Prep VI to experience the challenges that the Conway Centre had to offer.  First up, the zip wire and the oak tree climb – who could make it up to the top to ring the bell?  Not everyone did, but everyone did have a go and manage to get some way up the tree – personal challenges achieved for all.  A subdued lunch as the great chess challenge got underway, the pace picked up again as the 6s went about the archery and low rope challenges.  Mr. “Two Balloons” Suter’s record still stands, but Romano, Daniel and Mr Grant all managed a bullseye!  The World Bridgewater record was then attempted for the most people hanging off a bouldering wall at one time – photographic evidence on this blog post attests to the success of this.  Cassius, Layla and Frankie were fantastic, while Luca’s ‘horizontal hanging’ stance was particularly impressive.  Finally, a chance to put teamwork skills together effectively as our pupils took on the orienteering challenge around the centre’s generous grounds.  The Prep VI champions were Vincent, Cassius, Toby and Frankie, whilst Isaac demonstrated a keen eye for this too.  Tomorrow is an especially busy day, so Willy Wonka is entertaining the troops before an ‘early’ night ready for tomorrow’s expedition! 

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