Prep V high fliers… Residential day 1

We only had time for a quick snack upon our arrival at Tattenhall before we were whisked off for our action packed day of fun here at the centre. First up, we donned our snug fitting hard hats – always looking delightful! – and safety harnesses, before variously tackling the zip wire and climbing the huge oak tree that filled the grounds. Despite the nerve-wracking challenge of both, every one present managed both. A pause for lunch, and then back again for our archery challenge – who could pop the balloons on the target – and the team work low ropes. Let it be said Robin Hood’s archery skills were not pushed too hard but several arrows did hit the target and Mason managed to pop one of the balloons ( Mr. Suter would like now to be known as “Two Balloons”). The teamwork skills on the low ropes were exemplary, with the children encouraging each other through the challenges – and the ‘link’ command, which required everyone on the course to link up within 20 seconds. Not always easy when dangling precariously on a rope! Dinner – with a jelly and ice cream highlight – was followed by our final outdoor activity: orienteering around the centre grounds. All hail Alfie and Leonard, our new orienteering champions! And then to chill time: movie night before bed…

Highlights (among others): Ying Wun flying up the tree without realising just how high she had gone; Jacob and Oscar’s new found sweeping skills (and not on the football pitch); Sam’s traversing of the bouldering wall; Daniel’s double traverse (sadly not believed as none of the teacher’s witnessed it); Izabella and Mason’s confidence to shake hands at the top of the oak tree; and the numerous others who overcome various fears and challenges.

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1 Response to Prep V high fliers… Residential day 1

  1. C says:

    Fantastic picture and so many lovely happy smiles enjoying the outdoor activities. Hope tomorrow brings lots of sunshine and fun
    Thank you for the updates


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