Prep IV quickly learn the ropes

The skies were full of rain but Prep IV were full of enthusiasm that couldn’t be dampened by any amounts of unwanted water!

We arrived in beautiful Tattenhall near Chester with a packed schedule ahead. Miss McEvoy, Mrs. Booth and Mr. Rooney donned their climbing hats and took the strain of the ropes as Prep IV climbed an amazing oak tree and careered down a zip wire. Everyone was very brave and we are pleased to say that everyone had a go! Resilience blossomed today and everyone was proud of their bravery.

Lunch was devoured in our common room before we walked in to the lovely grounds once more to continue our activities with Stella and John, our highly experienced activity leaders.

Archery was a highlight of the day especially when we fired at balloons on the target board. A competition ensued between staff and pupils. The result will be on Sky Sports tomorrow!

A lovely meal of pizza or burgers washed down with ice cream and cake refuelled everyone for some play time and then a movie night.

Dreams of tomorrow’s canoeing on the Shropshire Union Canal are beginning already as the children continue to thoroughly enjoy their first ever residential trip with school.

Well done to all today you made us proud with your excellent behaviour and ‘have a go‘ attitude.

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2 Responses to Prep IV quickly learn the ropes

  1. Beatrice, Prep IV says:

    I had a great time and I’m looking forward to going next year!


  2. Joanne barker says:

    Florence has literally had the best time with her friends and teachers, thank you so much for taking care often baby


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