Hanging around at Haigh Hall

It was Prep IV’s turn to experience the pleasures that Haigh Hall had to offer on Thursday, as they made the trip through the rain from Worsley to Wigan. Fortunately, the drizzle stopped as we arrived and we enjoyed a day of activities in dry conditions.

First up were the rope course, the gladiator wall and the climbing wall. This was a challenge for many of our children who have not completed these type of activities before – but certainly one that the children rose to. By the end, many were completing additional challenges on the rope course: backwards, no hands, eyes closed… It was fantastic entertainment seeing the children complete the course and challenges.

After lunch, it was time to try our hand at archery. It would probably be true to say that Robin Hood need have nothing to fear, but once again the children rose to the challenge and by the end several were finding the bull’s eye with their arrows. From there, we tried our hand at den building. Split into teams, there were certainly several interesting constructions – suffice to say, it was probably a good idea that the rain had stopped!

A fantastic day had by all!

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1 Response to Hanging around at Haigh Hall

  1. Alexander Hook says:

    I really enjoyed the high ropes! Great end of year trip!😊


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