Back Together For National Week Of Sport.

It has been a fabulous week of relay races amongst Prep I-VI classes. Every day, each class has had a 45 minute PE lesson in support of the Youth Sports Trust National Week of Sport.

Teams of five have competed in a different daily relay race in their respective House Teams.  The races over 5km, 25 laps of the Bridgewater track included a sprint race, a hoop race, a skipping race, an egg n spoon race and an obstacle course race. In total each team has run 25 km (125 laps) with everyone running a combined total of 5000m or 3.2 miles!

The children have been fantastic and have had lots of fun as well as developing fitness levels, without even knowing it! The week finished with a Dodgeball Tournament for each class, giving everyone a chance to show off the “5 Ds of Dodgeball “….. dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! The National Week of Sport has focused on everyone being “Back Together” after a year of disruption like no other. Thank you to all the children for embracing each challenge so whole heartedly and we look forward to more exciting sporting adventures in the not too distant future.

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