“It was a dark and stormy night…” – Prep VI residential day 3

“It was a dark and stormy night…” – not one of Mr. Grant’s Grindel tales, but actually it was.  Yesterday’s bright blue sunshine had disappeared, and we had heavy rain and wind to greet us as we woke up this morning.  Best way to face up to inclement weather? Have a large breakfast!  Which we did – again!

This morning actually required a bit of extra organisation from the children.  Rooms had to be emptied before breakfast, but those kayaking today were required to leave a change of clothes ready in the drying room for the inevitable soaking they knew they were going to get.  Room inspections passed, off we all trooped after our morning feast, half to the kayaking and the others for the ropes.  No major mishaps today – Patrick and Henry proved to be our only capsizers (they cried foul play and felt they had been tipped, but this was unsubstantiated) although everyone else did take a voluntary plunge into the cold Menai Straits at the end of the session, while  Jake proved to be speediest on the water in the races back to shore.  The Via Ferrata proved just as challenging for the climbing groups, but once again, all completed the course.

It had been far too long since we had eaten, so of course we had the obligatory large meal, before loading up the coach and heading back to Bridgewater.  What a fantastic three days we’ve had!  We might have two Prep VI classes, but we do have a fantastic Year 6 group who have bonded together extremely well and made our new members extremely welcome.  As always, our children have been a credit to the school – a fact mentioned by several centre staff.  So now they’re back with you and you’ve probably had a full run down of everything they’ve been up to.  We just hope you haven’t found anything too unpleasant in their bags when they’ve been unpacked!

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7 Responses to “It was a dark and stormy night…” – Prep VI residential day 3

  1. Yasmeen Abou-Ragheb says:

    I loved the kayaking! At first it was hard, but then we all got the hang of it. The via Ferrata was also very fun. Some people completed the course really quickly, which was amazing!


  2. Alia Zaki says:

    Looking at these pictures I can see everyone smiling I’m sure it was an amazing trip and I wish I was there


  3. David Alexander says:

    on this day was my favourite activity which was kayaking, i liked it because it was fun and exciting on the kayak i was with Harper and we couldn’t turn properly which was very fun


  4. Chun Ka Leong says:

    The best thing that I had done in this Prep 6 residential trip is kayaking. I had learn how to turn the kayak, balance the boat and stop the kayak. The another thing that I enjoyed did in this trip is Via Ferrata. It means ” iron road” I am afraid of heights but I succeed. I felt very satisfied by myself.


  5. Regan Bradley says:

    It was a very good first trip with my new school and it was a good way to make new friends.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I had a great 3 days and it was a good way to make new friends at my new school


  7. Anya Barooah says:

    The best thing prep VI did that day was definitely the Via Ferrata Rock Climbing, Via Ferrata means ‘iron road’. The rock climbing was the best because it was fun and showed many people how to face their fear of heights, I thought it was funny when I kept trapping the same finger with the same clip!


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