On Thursday, Prep III set off in good spirits for a visit to Haigh Hall.  The rain cleared, and the first task we set ourselves was to build a shelter in the woods in case it started to rain again.  Fortunately it didn’t, but our shelters were quite successful and they probably (!) would have protected us from the elements had we required it.  We didn’t get time to build our own hammocks, but we did have fun testing one out.

From there, it was off to the high rope course, where we tested our resolve on the wobbly course.  It certainly was a scary experience, more so for some than others, but everyone overcame their fears to complete the course.

After a picnic lunch on the grass, it was off to the adventure golf course.  A few holes in one (unverified, of course!) and balls lost in the water later, and it was time, before we left, to sample the outdoor playground.

A great day for all!

Prep III visit Haigh Hall

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