Junior Gardeners tackle the weeds

It’s been a long hard summer for the Junior Garden this year.  Like everywhere else, the garden suffered from a lack of water due to the hot summer weather.  Our strawberries were not as juicy as they could be, the sweetcorn is slightly underdeveloped, and our lettuce and radish bolted before they could do anything.  Our onions are looking good, however, as are our runner beans – but unfortunately the strong winds at the start of the term snapped their support and the bean plants have collapsed.

Of course, through it all the weeds have flourished.

We met our new batch of Junior Gardeners today, and the first task of this enthusiastic bunch was to try and clear the pathways around our beds of weeds.  Which they did with gusto!  Next week, we hope to lay some new weed mats before spreading bark mulch around the area to try and stop them coming back.

It all looks a bit of a mess at the moment, but give this enthusiastic bunch time and they will have the garden looking shipshape in no time!

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