Cherry Blossom

1Inspired by our Science topic on plants and the beautiful blossom trees in our grounds and on our way to school, Prep Three have been using paint and charcoal to create our own blossom trees. We tried to work in the style of artist Nick Rowlands, who also inspired our volcano pictures last term.

First we went out on to the front lawn and sketched trees in pencil, looking closely at their trunks and branches. Back in the classroom we used our sketches to draw trees in charcoal. Instead of using paintbrushes for the flowers, we used toothbrushes (not our own!) to create a splatter effect, which we hope looks like petals on the branches and fluttering down in the breeze.

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1 Response to Cherry Blossom

  1. Ahmed rajpura says:

    nice paintings! i remember doing them last year when i was in year 3


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