More from Prep VI’s Lowry visit

Yesterday the day started off with the familiar routine of spellings only to be followed by a trip to the Lowry Art Gallery.
We were greeted by Michelle Lee, an independent artist, who we knew as Miss Lee. She taught us amazing techniques on how to do a cobbled street, a dog, and a boat with it’s reflection in the water. The session ended with us taking a trip to the actual gallery where we copied one of Lowry’s pictures but we had to put our own touch to it by making it modern. I drew L S Lowry’s ‘On the Moss’ but included a girl reading a book, a boy throwing a stick for his dog and a three dimensional car going up a drive.
After a quick lunch we were greeted by Emma, a drama teacher who taught us how to make a character come to life by taking someone from one of Lowry’s paintings, give them a name, a mood and come up with a story for that person. I was partnered with Sam for this activity and he chose a fat man leaning on a wall,waiting for a train. As Sam’s model, I had to do what he told me and he had me strike a pose which you can see in the photos. We also played some games, one called Tick Tock, which I found very funny and we did a partner game which was about listening. For this one I was partnered with Valentina. I found this one hard.

Our trip was amazing and I am going to convince my parents to bring me again very soon.

By Eoghan Suter

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