Prep VI visit Lowry at The Lowry

Yesterday my class visited the Lowry art gallery. For the first half of the day we went to an art workshop, where we worked with Miss Lee and learnt how Lowry painted and his techniques.  Then we visited the gallery itself, that was my favourite bit of day because we got to see so many pieces of his art work and they were the real thing too. We copied some of the paintings in pencil. I was quite happy with my piece of work even if I didn’t get to finish mine but I will it off at home. After a nice lunch we headed up to the drama studio with Emma.  She told us drama is fun because a lot the time it does not feel like drama it feels like playing. We learnt how to take an image or painting and turn it into a freeze frame. Over all I really enjoyed the day.

By Jack O’Sullivan


On 5/4/16 we went to the Lowry centre to understand the style of painter L.S. Lowry .In the morning we attended a painting workshop and a painter showed us the illusions of L.S. Lowry .The painter first showed us how he did his terraced houses to seem to disappear into the distance, then she showed us how he drew a dog and a ship .Before we left for lunch we visited the art gallery to look at Lowry’s paintings. After lunch we attended a drama lesson in which we learned about using our space .We finished the session and the day by playing a game training our ability to pass on messages and communication skills.
Mark Liu

Yesterday, prep 6 went to visit the Lowry. As we arrived to the Lowry we have been greeted by an artist called Miss Lee. Miss Lee introduced herself to us then we started doing some art work our self. First artwork we’ve done was a Looking Log, we have been drawing a cross which made a 3D shape, it turned out to be an old street that has a vanishing point. Prep 6 and Miss Lee have drawn three other pictures and then went to the Lowry Gallery. First thing we did was looking and choosing a picture. After we chose a picture we had to draw it. We spent some time to draw the picture then we went up stairs again and ended up the activity by adding some few things with a chalk.

Our next activity was Drama we started it by shouting our names while you do a move that shows what you like to do, then everyone has to copy you. Then we moved all around the room and shaking hands and saying our names to each other, and a bit more activities. After all those activities we went to the Lowry Gallery again but this time we were in groups and had to choose a picture and a character. With our partner one had to be a statue and the other has to tell him how they should be. We ended the activities by playing tick tock game.

By Ula Al-ismaili

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3 Responses to Prep VI visit Lowry at The Lowry

  1. Reyanah says:

    I had the most wonderful day thank you Mr Grant


  2. amber says:

    i was there !


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