(Written by Mr Rooney with the kind help of Casey).

We arrived at school feeling happy and excited about our first residential trip to YHA Chester.

We loaded the mini buses with the sun popping through the dark clouds. We chatted and played games like 21 during our 50 minute journey.

We arrived at Trafford Hall, Chester which had a long drive revealing a beautiful Georgian Hall surrounded by trees.

We quickly took our bags to the centre and explored the 4 acres of grounds before lunch.

Our first activity was archery and Casey shot well hitting the board twice. Many other children were accurate too who were obviously aiming for the next field!

We then had a great time charging around the fields of the centre. The activity was called orienteering but some of us struggled to orientate ourselves! Despite the rain we had an amazing time and improved our map reading skills.

We had an amazing meal of jacket potato or macaroni cheese watched down by the new class favourite… lemon juice!

We had a fun quiz in the games room with Blue House coming out on top.

We thought it was all over … but we had one more surprise… a birthday cake for Harrison whose smile was as wide as the nearby River Gowy.

Prep IV begin residential season

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  • September 11, 2023 at 9:17 pm

    Sounds fun! Have fun prep 4


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