Beatrice tapping for Children in Need

Prep IV’s Beatrice will be doing her bit for Children in Need this year and has been dancing live on Newsround today to promote the event.

She has dance lessons on Saturdays at the Miss Joanne Farnell School of Dancing, and the school is one of many that is taking part in Tapathon 2022, an annual nationwide tap-dancing event, with the dual purpose of raising money for Children in Need and setting a new world record by getting as many people as possible tap dancing at the same time across the country.

Beatrice took part in her first Tapathon virtually during lockdown in 2020, and last year was able to perform in person in the Orient at the Trafford Centre, both on the evening of Children in Need night, and again on the Sunday for the world record attempt and further fundraising. This year they will be bringing a new performance back to the Trafford Centre on both days.

The BBC have decided to cover the event on their Newsround programme and were at the dance studios in Eccles at 7am this morning to get a preview of this year’s routine and talk to a couple of the dancers. Beatrice has been selected from over 200 dance school students to be part of a group of 30 dancers from Year 3 upwards to perform early on Friday morning. 

Well done Beatrice!

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