Spot the Online Safety Tips for Going Back to School

We regularly post these “Wake Up Wednesday” guides, courtesy of National Online Safety, to support the internet safety discussions that make up part of our Computing lessons. Here is the latest:

“Summer 2022. Lionesses. Heatwaves. Commonwealth Games. Lightyear. She-Hulk. Then we blinked, and suddenly it was “new term” this and “back to school” that. Here’s the good news, though – another school year means months of fresh online trends to jump on, different things to message about, and cool new games to play – for the kids anyway! Whatever they enjoy online, our online safety guide has some top tips to help them do it safely!

In the guide, you’ll find tips such as thinking before posting, reporting upsetting content and avoiding screens late at night.” (Source: National Online Safety)

You can download the guide here:

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