Mount Potato – Prep V find out about the lay of the land

As part of their Mountains unit in Geography lessons, Prep V have been finding out about contour lines on maps – and what better way to do so than use potatoes! The children carefully marked the contour lines on their spuds to replicate those on their maps before cutting them. As maps show changes in height and where the terrain is steep or flat, and this was the same with the potatoes. Prep V found out that contour lines at different heights cannot cross each other, and all the points on a given contour line are all at the same height. If they move from one contour line to another then there is a change of height. The closer the lines are the ‘faster’ the height changes, and thus the ‘steeper’ the terrain. The further apart the contour lines are, the greater distance over which height changes = gentler slope.

Sadly, they didn’t get to turned their sliced spuds into chips later in the day but their geographical knowledge has improved!

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