Olly’s charity walk

This month, Prep II pupil Olly embarked on a journey with his auntie to raise money for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity by walking a collective 130 miles. Olly, who has been a regular visitor to the Children’s Hospital since birth and recently underwent further significant surgery, also suffers from Hypopituitarism – a rare condition that makes emotional and physical stresses potentially life-threatening, making the last year particularly hard for his family. Despite this, Olly’s positive outlook is unwavering and, as he focuses on his task of raising money to help other children, his Bridgewater family couldn’t be more proud of him. We continue to be inspired by the strength and positivity of this young individual and next week, Olly’s classmates will join him in his challenge and complete his daily mile as a team.

We hope you will join us in showing your support. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dionne-wonta#InspiringIndividuals#AchieveTogether

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1 Response to Olly’s charity walk

  1. Anonymous says:

    We are extremely proud of you Olly. We support your brilliant initiative. Mr Rooney


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