30 days of fitness challenge

Click on the link above to find attached a health and well-being idea that we would like to share with you and hopefully provide families with a daily fitness challenge to do together.

The Bridgewater 30 Days of Fitness can be started at any time during the current lockdown period, with the challenge being to complete the work out for each day in the correct order. There are activities that involve family fun activities outside, in line with Government recommendations, core workouts, exercises challenges and YouTube HIIT sessions. Each day Bridgewater Prep will Tweet the activity of the day to aid motivation and we will organise awards for anyone who completes the full 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

It is important to have a health and well-being focus during these testing times and hopefully, the challenge will provide a fun and engaging activity for all the family to focus on for 30 minutes in the day. If you want to change an activity on a day that you feel is more suitable or beneficial then that of course is totally fine too. Please share your results with us on Twitter on our Bridgewater page and also here on the Prep Blog, and if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the challenge, then please contact Mr. Altodorf via email at altdorfi@bwslive.co.uk.

30 days of fitness!

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