ISA T-shirt Design Competition

Dear Parents,


There may not be so many sporting events and competitions that children around the country can participate in at the moment. However, the ISA Sports Association has come up with a project to engage children in an artistic and creative manner. This week the ISA have launched a design a T-Shirt competition for all the ISA schools around the UK. The winning design will be used to promote PE and Sport on behalf of the ISA and of course, we at Bridgewater Prep would like to join in with the event.

We would like children to design a T-Shirt (both back and front) representing the ISA values (shown below). The winning design will be presented to participants from our National events that we believe to uphold these values.  ISA Members value innovation and inspiration, building on the best traditions to promote integrity, high standards, and responsibility.

The rules of the competition are simple;

All entries must be the participants’ original works.

Designs should include the front and rear of the t-shirt.

A minimum of two colours should be used and can include wording.

Submissions can be manuscript or digital. For example, on digital drawings, use of Clip Art is allowed.

Entries must be submitted as JPEG, PNG, or PDF file only.

The closing date for entries is 20th November and you can email entries to or send in the paper copy provided by class teachers.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as always.

Mr. Altdorf

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