Worsley Netball League Match vs. Wardley – Wednesday 29th January

What a fantastic match from start to finish. From the beginning it was an extremely competitive match. Wardley’s ability to throw the ball into space for one their team mates to run on to was causing Bridgewater’s defence, the GK and GD, lots of trouble. However, Bridgewater equally matched their speed, Yasmeen and Allegra were superb at regaining possession from an interception and passing the ball into Eloise in the attacking D in order to shoot. The game stayed level until just before the end – luckily we had Anya and Eloise as the attacking players for the last quarter and they managed to win the game by only one point. Well done to all – we’re certainly looking forward to another match with Wardley.


Worsley Netball Friendly Match vs. St. Marks CofE and Branwood – Tuesday 4th February


We knew this was going to be a competitive match as both of those schools are in the higher league but Bridgewater wanted the challenge to try and beat them. To begin with we played Branwood.  We played high fives, which means after every quarter you have to swap position or come off and rest in the squad of 7. Again this was a very close game with only two goals between the two sides at any time. Bridgewater have got so much better at driving forward and receiving the pass on the run. At time we used tactics such as holding the space in the D, this was particularly effective when using Eloise’s height with a high pass. All were extremely fast on both sides, however in the end we lost by two goals, the final score being 9-7.

St. Marks

We had arranged to play a 40 minute match, therefore the girls in total played one whole hour of intense Netball. By our second game the girls were warmed up and ready to win. We played 3 quarters of high five netball and the last 7 a side. Another intense game but the girls remembers some of the tactics taught to them, especially ‘holding their space’ and receiving the ball over the top of their defender, passing to the C on the circle edge and receiving closer to the net, and waiting to pass to someone driving forward at speed. With all these implemented we were a very hard team to beat. However St. Marks were equally good and again the score remained very close, even with St. Marks edging ahead at times in the game. It wasn’t until the last quarter when Eloise played in the D and the girls played 7 a side Netball that we were able to go a couple of goals in front. The game finished 12-9. Well done to all.  The two red faces of Allegra and Yasmeen at the end of the match attest to the effort the girls put in!

Forthcoming fixtures

ISA U11 Netball Tournament

Wednesday 26th Feb

@ Hulme Hall School (AWAY)

7 a side Netball

Start at 10am

Finish for 3pm


Worsley Netball League Match V St. Charles

Thursday 27th March


Start at 3:30pm

Finish for 4:40pm


Friendly Netball Match V Pownall School

Wednesday 4th March

@ Pownall – AWAY

7 a side Netball

Start at 2:30pm

Finish for 4pm


Worsley Netball League Match v Moorside & Christ the King

Wednesday 11th March


Start at 3:30 Finish for 5:30pm

High Fives Netball – Squad of 7.


Worsley Netball League Match v Wardley

Thursday 19th March


Start at 3:30 Finish for 5:30pm

High Fives Netball – Squad of 7.

Spring term Netball updates

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