Premier Performance By Bridgewater Back Line

The U7 football team took part in the Premier Sports 5-a-side football tournament on Monday night. With six schools in attendance at the event held at Bridgewater School, it was a great opportunity for the youngest team in the school to experience competitive football. The boys were in excited mood as they took to the pitch to take on Grosvenor Road School in their first game.

San and Oliver tackled ferociously in defence and Jacob threw himself at every shot on the Bridgewater goal. Henry and Jazz provided the energy in midfield, whilst Sam looked to snatch a goal up front. The boys worked tirelessly, from the first whistle to the last and were unlucky not to win the game, settling for a 0-0 draw in the end.

In game two the team moved onto the grass pitch against North Walkden.  Bridgewater had numerous chances to take the lead with Sam and Henry going close. Unfortunately, as the team focused on going forward a break away attack led to the only goal of the game as Bridgewater lost 1-0. However, the team picked themselves up for the next game and produced a thrilling display against The Deans. Sam, Henry, Jazz and Oliver all went close, before a shot from Oliver was handled and a penalty awarded. Everybody wanted to take the kick, but it was left to Sam to chip the ball down the middle for a 1-0 win.

In game four Bridgewater and Summerville produced a terrific end to end game. A great save and kick down the pitch from Jacob found Sam in space and he fired home in spectacular fashion. Summerville poured forward for an equaliser, testing Jensen, San and Henry in defence. Eventually, the pressure told and despite a great save from Jacob, the bail rebounded off the post and into the back of the net. Bridgewater pressed for a winner but had to settle for a deserved point in a 1-1 draw.

In the final game of the tournament, Bridgewater were magnificent in defence. Light Oaks were older and stronger as a team, but this did not deter the boys one bit. Jacob saved bravely at the feet of the opposition forward, whilst great blocks from Jazz, Oliver, Henry, San and Jensen ensured the Bridgewater goal was not breached. Another 0-0 draw was a just reward for the team’s resilience and determination.

With one defeat, one win and three draws, Bridgewater can be delighted with their performance in the tournament. Frustratingly, the team finished on the same points and the same goal difference as Grosvenor in the league table. However, as Bridgewater scored one goal less overall, it was Grosvenor that went through to play Light Oaks in the final! So near and yet so far, but the future is promising for the Bridgewater youngsters if this performance is anything to go by. Well done team!

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