Fly to the line

In their Science lessons, Prep 4 have been taking part in a competition, where pupils design and make their own gliders.  The glider which flew the furthest is now taking part in a national completion against other schools in the region next week in Bury.

The winning team was ‘The Lighting Bolt’ built by Esme and Abigail! Second place was ‘MJ’ made by Molly and Jasmine, while ‘Fortnite Zombies’ – Luca C and Joel – came third.


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12 Responses to Fly to the line

  1. Toby Ainsworth says:

    It was a lot of fun designing and making our aeroplanes.
    Our group was called “Come fly with me”. Joshua, Alfie and myself made a good attempt, but unfortunately it only flew 4m unlike the winning plane of 7m.


  2. Molly Torkington says:

    Making the planes was so much fun, I especially liked painting them and decorating them. I also enjoyed weighing it and making sure that it balanced perfectly. I would definitely love to do this again.


  3. Harrison says:

    I had lots of fun making my glider because I got to measure the foam wings and use the hot glue gun to stick it together. Even though we didn’t win we learnt about how planes fly and my team worked well together.


  4. Aarav C says:

    Well done lightning bolts


  5. Esme Cooper-Sweeney says:

    I had fun making the plane with Abigail. I learnt that you have to balance it out to get it to fly well because if it’s too light then it doesn’t travel far and if it’s too heavy it just falls right down to the ground.


  6. catherine natugasha says:

    I loved the planes we got to make.the part were you got to fly the plane was my favourite.the painting in the plane was also amazing.


  7. Paul Carrol says:

    I love making love playing in science it was so fun from Jasmine Carroll


  8. Aryan says:

    I loved making the planes and I felt it was very fair oppositions.
    Well done to The Lighting Bolts
    I wish them well


  9. Dexter kenny says:

    It’s not about winning it’s only about having fun dexter kenny.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I loved making the plane it’was so fun from jasmine carroll


  11. Lil Acton says:

    Great teamwork shown by all in Prep IV…well done to all!!!


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