Bridgewater Have Wind In Their Sails Before Hitting The Doldrums

Bridgewater took a small but eager squad to leafy Cheshire for their AJIS cup qualifier v St Ambrose and The Grange.

The boys warmed up well and prepared for their game v St Ambrose with vigour. The plan to play with the wind worked well for captain Owen with Alfie finding his range at the Grange with some wonderful goals.

The second half was a masterclass of how to play against the wind and an opposition looking for revenge. Bridgewater played some lovely football. The passing and movement was reminiscent of Total Football or maybe Total Blow Football! The highlight was an incisive pass from Alfie to Harrison who crossed to the Prep 6 version of Alfie who scored with a lovely heel flick. Alfie’s smile was as wide as the M62 we had travelled on.

There is little to say about our game v The Grange apart from they were the better team and had outstanding players in all departments.

Overall an excellent afternoon despite the weather and a welcome debut for Paul and Lukee.

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