Bridgewater goes to the polls…

As we know, the country has been gripped by election fever today – yes, that’s right, the Bridgewater Prep. Head Girl and Head Boy elections.

An initial series of hustings were held in the Prep V classroom, to narrow down the field of candidates who wished to be involved.  From this, four candidates for each position were nominated for the final election.  Each candidate presented to the whole of the Prep. Department at our Monday assembly – extremely ably, it must be said – and then a week of canvassing led to today’s vote.  Every child in Prep had their say, a truly democratic process.

And we can exclusively reveal the results…

Well done to Winnie (Head Girl) and Lyall (Head Boy).  They will be assisted by Dalia (Deputy Head Girl) and Archie (Deputy Head Boy).  Well done to all.

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4 Responses to Bridgewater goes to the polls…

  1. Daniel says:

    Well done everybody!!!


  2. Mia Hope says:

    Well done!!!😀


  3. star son says:

    I’m proud of myself.


  4. kay says:

    Well done to them all for putting themselves forward, you should all be very proud 🙂


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