Beauty and the Beast by Prep IV

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21 Responses to Beauty and the Beast by Prep IV

  1. star son says:

    It was beautiful!


  2. Freya Gerrard says:

    Well done prep 4!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    well done IV
    you did brilliantly 🙂


  4. Florence Brenchley says:

    I have listened to the Beauty and the Beast song over and over again!!! It sounded amazing Prep IV!!


  5. aALFIE DICKI8NSON says:

    i love the sing ING because every one was happy and i loved it and i am mad at my self for blinking. the class singing was amassing especial Dylan sing ING was amassing i notes-tit straght away and mrs harcourt piano was verry good and i kept look ing at the camara.


  6. ellen says:

    well done prep 4.i tried my best to sing that song and how do u play the music on a piano like that . well done everyone I really enjoyed the song


  7. thomas says:

    I LIKED how evei smiled all the way through
    I liked how good everyone sang
    and how good mrs.harcort played the piano


  8. oliver ball says:

    we were doing a music lesson with miss harcourt but when mr sooter came in he said that was lovely i thought it was lovely to mr suter thought he would record it so he did it was amazing


  9. lucia malloch says:

    I enjoyed singing i kind of lost were i was and some of the notes were to high for me but i tried my best and i liked miss harcourt playing the piano


  10. Yasmine Beswick says:

    I loved singing Mrs Harcort has lovely playing on the piano I love to sing I nearly forgot my words because I was having so much fun I was a bit embarest I do not normally have people watch me sing


  11. Jessica Weir says:

    Everybody was brilliant. I loved it and i tried my best. I LOVE SINGING. every one did good in year 4 Friday music lesson.


  12. Daniel hadley-austin says:

    i enjoyed the song


  13. Harrison says:

    I was nerves because of all the preacher being filmed but we did well as a team MRS Haricot did well on the pioneer we were all nerves but we didn’t doudt each over.


  14. Freya Gerrard says:

    They were really good and and Miss Hartcourt was playing nice and beautiful. Everyone tried their hardest.I enjoyed it so much that I would do it again. It was the best day of my life and I am so glad that music is every week!


  15. leah burns says:

    we was Riley good and i was at front but miss harcourt was good playing the piano and we all did well


  16. owen thorpe says:

    i was nervous but we did well and the people ho did the second part did well


  17. Maryam says:

    Very good piano playing skills and great singing everyone it was so much fun but i forgot my words.It’s my favorite song.I liked singing the song.I think Florence was very good. Evie sang very well.


  18. Florence Mae Brenchley says:

    This is my favorite song and we sang it very well. It was nice to see Evie smiling the whole way through the song! The group sang really well and it sounded like the movie. Thanks Mrs Harcourt for playing the piano beautifully.


  19. Dylan Zhu says:

    I very enjoyed the song especially the chorus but I wish to have a solo. I found that we all sang beautifully. I liked the way that Evie looked at the camera and smiled two times and liked that Miss Harcourt. She played the piano very well so we could sing very well


  20. Dylan Zhu says:

    I enjoyed the song/Well done everyone in year 4!


  21. Mrs Booth says:

    Beautiful singing Prep IV


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