My Dancing Life

We are constantly amazed by the variety of activities that our children compete in outside of school.  Friday afternoon assemblies contain a stream of awards for our Prep children including, amongst others, football, cricket, swimming, skiing, judo and even a Blue Peter badge.

Macey Carroll in Prep V is another of our busy children.  She dances, and has recently been selected (together with five girls from the Secondary school) to perform for England at the 2016 Dance World Cup in Jersey during the summer.

I’ve been dancing since I was three years old, I love it a lot.  I do ballet, tap, modern and body conditioning at Dance Works in Eccles.  I do lots of competitions against other dance schools.  I have lots of friends there.  I have a ballet, modern and trio dance for competitions.  I and all my dance school auditioned for the Dance World Cup.

In school I go cheerleading, led by Miss Stagles.  It is very good.  One day after cheerleading I was outside school and my mum told me that I got through to the Dance World Cup in Jersey.  I felt that excited I accidentally woke my sister up.  I am going in June.  You don’t know how happy I am!  I can’t describe it!


Well done Macey!  We look forward to a progress report later in the year.

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