Acrostic Halloween Poems by Prep V

With the approach of the first day of November, or All Hallows Day, Prep V have been looking ahead to the night before: All Hallows Eve, or Halloween.  They have been writing acrostic poems to celebrate the occasion.

What is an acrostic poem?  This should help:


These examples below were written by Prep V children.  If you’d like to see more, they are on display in their classroom.  If you’d like to write your own, please feel free to post it below as a comment – we’d love to read it.

Haunted houses full of blood filled ghosts and bloodless zombies

Awkward zombies walk sideways coming to say hello

Lurking in the shadows, monsters trying to drink our blood

Orange pumpkins going to eat you

Witches with very sharp pointy noses and lots of stinky warts, brewing very nasty potions

Evil vampires appearing in and out, trying to eat our blood.  The vampires have bloody teeth and bloody sleeves.

Evil chambers with zombies trying to break out.

Nasty werewolves run after people, people are terrified, nasty zombies rising out of graves going in to the church.

by Christopher Page


Haunted churches that have terrifying graveyards

Anxious children scared they might die

Lurking monsters that are waiting to gobble you up

Light lanterns to break the spell of darkness

Orange Jack-o’-lanterns that look like they want to suck your blood and never rest

Witches with long sharp noses and big warts and horrible poison potions

Enormous zombies that will squash you like an ant

Enormous howls from werewolves, whooooooo

Night on Halloween, no one ever survives.

by Jack Delaney


Haunted houses spook children

Anxious monsters ready to devour bloody sweets

Lurking children walk about in the dreadful steamy night time

Lurk in the dark and get scared by a dreadful owl

Orange lanterns hanging in the dark

Weird people in the disguise of witches

Earth is a dangerous place on the night of the howl

Eyes of the witches are a slimy and disgusting thing

No one survives on Halloween

by Samuel Olabisi

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