The karate kids of Bridgewater

The reason I joined karate club is that I’d longed to join a martial arts activity.  At first I didn’t really know what to expect but I sensed I would enjoy it and would want to enjoy it.  I’ve been asking my parents to let me do it for a long time.  I enjoy it so much I want my parents to get me the suit now.

I thought it would be in the sports hall and we’d have mats laid out, and we’d be fighting.  Mr Grant is probably one of the best karate senseis in the UK, although I haven’t met any others. He’d probably top the list even if I met the others.

What’s good about it? You don’t realise it but you are being prepared in case you are ever attacked in life.  Another thing that’s good is Mr Grant adds in the odd little joke and it cracks you up and lightens your spirit if you’ve had a bad day at school.

So far we’ve learnt the basic moves for a punch, attack, kick and block.  Mr Grant will kick you out of the club though if you use this on people the wrong way.

I’m enjoying it – some of the others in the club look as determined as I am to do well.

Eoghan Suter – Prep VI

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2 Responses to The karate kids of Bridgewater

  1. Mark liu Prep 6 says:

    The reason I joined Karate club is because I thought it was time for me to learn a little self defence ,I thought we would be fighting but after time I learnt that Karate is not a fighting technique, but a simple art.


  2. Jack O'Sullivan says:

    I always look foreword to mr grants karate club


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