With the girls’ netball fixtures announced for the forthcoming term, we thought it only timely to remind you of their earlier success last term.

Worsley Netball League Match v Summerville – won 13-0

Tuesday 8TH October (home)

The girls were very excited for their first Netball game of the season. Eloise only recently joined Bridgewater School and was a fantastic addition to the team. The girls dominated the game against Summerville, all gaining excellent experience in Prep V5 with Mrs. Davies. Their footwork and knowledge of the rules could not be faulted. The girls’ movements were fast and agile and they passed the ball well, keeping possession. Player of the game was Eloise, she was able to score the majority of the goals and able to defend expertly, stopping the opposition when she was goal keeper and goal defence. The girls won 13- 0. Keep it up.

Worsley Netball League Match v St. Marks RC – won 14-0

Tuesday 19TH November (home)

The second game of the season. Bridgewater School are in the Worsley Netball League in division two. The girls dominated the game again. There was not a lot of mistake made, the girls listened to advice and passed the ball short distance moving quickly and efficiently around the opposition. Allegra and Eloise were very good at getting under the net in order to shoot from a short distance. Keep up the good work girls. They won 14 – 0.

Girls look to continue 100% netball record

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