A long time ago, in ancient Mayan society, masks played a vital role in everyday life. Adorned with faces of divine beings and sacred animals, Mayan masks were used in religious rituals in their grand temples, in skirmishes against rival tribes, in theatres for entertainment, and in several important ceremonies. Although the Mayans of the past had no metal tools, they were able to create a myriad of artwork. Using the bounty they had obtained from their volcanic landscape and the tropical forest that cradled their antique civilization, the Mayans carved the most sacred of masks in jade, and others in wood (source: www.fromthemayan.com).

Prep V have been recreating these masks, although it has not been specified whether these are intended for religious purposes, the theatre or battle! What we can agree on though is that they are wonderful!

But who is behind the mask? Can you work it out?

Who is behind the mask?

2 thoughts on “Who is behind the mask?

  • June 30, 2023 at 5:15 pm

    It was really fun and interesting to learn and make Maya masks!


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