Prep II footballers travelled to the Etihad full of confidence with their goalkeeper telling Mr. Rooney he had not conceded a goal ‘in hours’! There was a warm welcome from Mr. Mather and his team. The excitement was palpable!

In game one, the opponents were very strong, knocking the ball around confidently. This led to the first shot of the tournament which flew in to the BWS net. Maybe the nets were slightly bigger at Man City for our goalkeeper? The game ended in defeat despite Max showing excellent touches as he probed in vain for an equaliser.

The second game was not as tricky with Joe growing in confidence. Unfortunately, BWS conceded some late goals from the opposition, leading to a second defeat.

Our third game produced the goal of the tournament from Dexter, who dribbled the length of the pitch and rifled the ball in the bottom corner. A point was earned, after some valiant defence from Toban.

In our final game, Sam came very much to the fore with some tough tackling and determination. Austin followed this lead showing greater awareness and tenacity, despite the game ending in a draw.

A difficult tournament that gives Prep II plenty to think about for next time. The team definitely progressed and their behaviour was impeccable on an exciting day for all. Special mention must go to Jax, who listened to all advice carefully and executed his instructions brilliantly.

Well done to all.

It’s Hot In The City for Prep II

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