Our Prep Council members have been working very hard over the last few months, helping to raise funds for an idea that they had to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and His Majesty King Charles. They felt it would be a lovely idea to plant a tree each, to remember the Queen by and to grow with King Charles’ reign.

This morning, our Prep Council members accompanied Mrs. Pritchard travelled to Bents Garden Centre, where they inspected the trees on offer. Helped by Tim, who works in the tree section, the children considered colours, sizes, fruits and just simply how pretty the trees looked, before deciding on two that they fancied: a Salix Caprea Pendula and, appropriately they think, a Malus Royal Beauty.

The Prep Council are hoping to have the two trees planted before our Coronation celebration next Friday, so be sure to pop by and have a look at these lovely trees chosen by the children.

Prep Council choose commemorative trees

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