Bridgewater brave Baltic weather to blitz cross-country course

In the previous round, it was the driving rain and biting wind that tried to put runners off. Today it was snow and sleet sent to test Salford’s finest cross – country runners! However, the elements did not deter the committed and determined runners from Bridgewater Prep 3-6. The Arctic conditions did put many off from turning up from other schools  this weekend. Therefore,  it says so much for the Prep. runners from Bridgewater, who were so keen to compete, it warmed us all up to see their enthusiasm.

As usual it was Prep 3/4 boys who were sent out to break the ice and clear the snowy course. Thomas has had no luck at all in the first two races, falling up a hill in race 1 and losing his trainers in race 2. Race 3 finally stopped Tom in his tracks, as another runner spiked him in the ankle early on, causing him to pull up in pain. One thing for sure, this will not put him off and hopefully Tom will get an incident free run in race 4 in January!

Luca (25) ran a great race this time out and came home first for the Bridgewater team. Sebastian (61) was not far behind him as he bravely combated the course once again. The football was called off for many and this gave Joel (69) another chance to run this morning and he completed the run moments behind another footballer Jayden, who finished in an excellent 28th.

The Prep 3/4 girls are the front runners for participating in the Salford League this year and once again they brought the biggest team. Anya continued her impressive and improving form with a fabulous 14th place finish and a Salford certificate of achievement. Evie produced her best race of the series so far, dashing past the finish line in 24th. The rest of the team showed tremendous courage and tenacity to finish the race, with Molly (74), Jasmine (72), Allegra (85) and Abigail in 86th place.

Prep 5/6 boys performed amazingly well in the snow and it will be interesting to see where they finished in the team event. Ethan (16), pipped Daniel (17) once again, but both earned a Salford certificate, Daniel’s third so far! Matthew just missed out in 21st, whilst Archie brought the team home in 26th. A podium finish for the team could be on the horizon for the talented quartet.

Finally, it was left to Prep 5/6 girls to brave the 1500 m course. The “Hill” had been taken out for safety reasons, but this did not shorten the race. Jess showed her now customary determination to get a certificate and she stormed home in 16th.  Eva can be excused for maybe wishing she was back in the pool training with her synchronised swimming team! However, she ran an exceptional race to finish one behind Jess in 17th, whilst Alice again ran to support her family and school, a commitment that is wonderful to see. Unfortunately , Alice had to pull up due to illness, but the rest of the team battled on to defy the elements. Grace came home in a superb 28th in her first race for the team, with Freya finishing not far behind in 46th before dashing off back to her dance classes. The most improved performance of all 3 races so far went to Florence (47), who has typified the spirit of the competition. Running for her team and running with pride and a smile on her face.

If awards are handed out for effort and commitment, then Bridgewater will get the gold medal for the last two cross-country events. The support from the runners and their families is so inspirational and there can be no better start to a day, no matter what the conditions. Well done again today everyone, great effort one and all.

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