The Prep magazine is here!

Earlier in the year, a group of intrepid Prep V and VI children got together on Friday afternoons to brainstorm ideas for a Prep magazine. The idea was to showcase children’s own work that wouldn’t normally get seen by other children and parents outside of the classroom.

Prep magazine cover

Prep magazine Summer 2016

 The children decided what they would like to see included, and then split themselves up and allocated tasks, a true team effort.  Inside, you’ll find artwork, jokes, recipes, 500 word winning story entries and hopefully something that you too will enjoy.  Stories written by the children that are included here have not been edited to ‘improve’ them in order to show the children’s own work.

 We see what is going on in school by looking at the Prep Blog – we don’t always see what goes on in the classroom so hopefully this will give you a flavour of that.  Enjoy – and keep a lookout for future editions!

 Enjoy the summer!


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