Prep Extravaganza Celebrates Coronation

Singers, dancing, egg and spoons, guitarists, maypole dancing, Early Years perfumers, cakes and trifles, Tudors, choristers and pianists – Friday’s gathering on the front lawn had a range of entertainment from Tudor times, via Charles II all the way through to modern day to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. Bridgewater did what Bridgewater does best – came together to celebrate. Not even the late downpours could dampen the enthusiasm of friends and family gathered to watch. A memorable occasion to help create great memories of the King’s coronation. We enjoyed if – if you missed it, we hope these pictures give a flavour of the occasion.

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2 Responses to Prep Extravaganza Celebrates Coronation

  1. Vicky says:

    Absolutely wonderful afternoon which was enjoyed by all! The children who performed are so confident & it was amazing to see such talents.


  2. Mr says:

    Mr Rooney went home feeling very proud on Friday. Well done everyone.


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