Bloomin’ lovely new greenhouse for Gardening Club

It was a chance remark from a Gardening Club member to one of the Prep Council members that led, at one of the Council meetings, to a question as to whether the Prep Council could raise funds for a greenhouse for the Gardening Club. As with all things in Prep Council, it was discussed, the pros and cons debated, and the then Council decided it would be something they would like to be involved in. In fact, at the time they organised a cake sale, they proceeds of which paid for the greenhouse.

Fast forward – a slight delay caused by the intervention of something called Covid? – and that greenhouse has now been erected adjacent to the Prep Garden. Yesterday, Oliver – the Prep Council member who made the original request – cut the ribbon for our official opening! Our Prep gardeners are very excited, and already have plants and seeds growing inside it!

Today we were also visited by the current Prep Council, who were delighted to see that ideas they are involved in do come to fruition within the school.

Of course, special mention must go to Rich from our maintenance team, whose job it has been to put the greenhouse together – he certainly deserves a prize for his patience and perseverance!

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1 Response to Bloomin’ lovely new greenhouse for Gardening Club

  1. Patrice Pritchard says:

    It is lovely to know that your dream house/green house will give so much pleasure Mr. Suter. Of course the children and school will reap the benefits:)


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